Grimes Is Selling A Piece Of Her Soul In Her New Exhibit

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Grimes is selling a piece of her soul

Grimes is selling a piece of her soul


Pretentious is always a word I have associated with Grimes and her Space X companion, or let’s say that their cyborg association made things even worse.

Grimes has a new online exhibit presented by Gallery Platform Los Angeles (May 28th through June 3rd) and Maccarone Los Angeles (May 28th through August 31st), and this is how the exhibit is described:

‘The exhibition debut of Grimes explores the notion of identity potential in the digital age: the ability to create, augment, and manifest ourselves outside of our biological limits. The artist explores this concept through WarNymph, a digital avatar executed in collaboration with her brother and artistic partner Mac Boucher. WarNymph is birthed out of ML and stands in as a concurrent self for the virtual realm, reconciling the psychological dissonance of splitting oneself between digital ideation and mundane reality. An avatar takes on the burden, untethering its biological counterpart from the online world. WarNymph transcends mere replica; presenting a new non-human entity, an Otherkin.’

Pretentious? That would not be the first time, the show, called ‘Selling Out,’ includes drawings, prints, photographs, and conceptual pieces and her WarNymph is featured in a series of digital photographs at different stages of her life in a dystopic world, from baby angel warrior to angel sitting at the top of some complicated war machine or a fat black pig, while her bald cyborgs are coming straight from Westworld. This site gives some complex description of the making of these pieces of art, while Grimes talks about AI, and her intention to ‘untether her digital self from her humanity’… include giant rolling eyes here.

But according to Bloomberg, a work titled ‘Selling Out’ is simply a legal document whereby Grimes is selling a piece of her soul to the highest bidder.

‘I didn’t want anyone to buy it, so I said we should just make it $10 million and then it probably won’t sell,’ she declared to Bloomberg. ‘The deeper we got with it, the more philosophically interesting it became,’ she added. ‘Also, I really wanted to collaborate with my lawyer on art. The idea of fantastical art in the form of legal documents just seems very intriguing to me.’

It’s not art, it just looks like a contract, and Faust has done it before but at least he had exchanged his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasure, Grimes just wants money. Coming from the girlfriend of Elon Musk, does this idiotic move really surprise anyone? After all, he is the guy who threw a tantrum, right in the middle of the pandemic because he wanted to reopen his Tesla assembly plant in California while putting plenty of people’s lives in danger? How can she sell her soul when she already has sold it to this jerk?

This just strikes me as the utterly pompous pose for the sake of capitalist art.


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