Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Releases An Album With Two Musicians Of The Band Prima Dona

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Prima Dona at Amoeba in 2015


Green Day released their 12th album, ‘Revolution Radio’, 2 years ago, and since that time, their fans may have wondered about their next move. But a few days ago, we got some news from Billie Joe Armstrong and his new band, The Longshot. Without any warning, as nobody knew they existed, they dropped an album ‘Love Is For Losers’, and announced shows in very small venues in Los Angeles such as the Redwood bar downtown LA, and the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa… of course, both shows sold out very fast and I would not even bother trying to get in, but be aware they have another series of showslater on…

You can listen to the album on Spotify, I did and I am still scratching my head to find an identity to the Longshot, beside the fact that it sounds exactly like some Green Day rejects? Of course, it’s booming pop punk with powerchords, catchy choruses and that so recognizable Billie voice…it’s upbeat, melodic rock ‘n’ roll with a retro tone and layered guitars, plenty of hooks and vocal harmonies as if it was 2004, but what was the plan here? May be just to have fun!

The title track ‘Love is for Losers’ has even a country tempo as a few other songs, and there are not too many slow songs on this album, as you would expect… You just have to admire Armstrong’s knack for writing so many feel-good catchy songs that sound all the same but make you tap your foot or clap your hands nevertheless… yes this album will be a Green Day fan pleaser and the funny thing is that Armstrong is joined here by his touring guitarist Jeff Matika, on bass, and two musicians from the local band Prima Dona, guitarist Kevin Preston and drummer David S. Field… I saw them a few times and I had always thought Prima Dona had a Green Day thing going on (it is a no brainer), so everything falls at the right place I guess.

Love Is For Losers Tracklist:
01. The Last Time
02. Taxi Driver
03. Chasing a Ghost
04. Body Bag
05. Love is for Losers
06. Cult Hero
07. Kill Your Friends
08. Happiness
09. Soul Surrender
10. Turn Me Loose
11. Goodbye to Romance

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