Greatest Decade Ever: The 1970s

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First, I realize this might not be so true if you were black, gay, or female. Though you’d have to go back to the 1500s, before Western civilization reached the African shores, to find a better one for blacks, and what females lost through male violence it gained, a least to a small degree, with the pill and sexual freedom. It was terrible for homsexuality but even, with the advent of gay rights, and disco, the closet door began to open.

Next, not really for me, I started the 1970s at the age of thirteen with a bright future and ended it a complete wreck that would take the entire 1980s for me to recover from (and I never really did all the way). I was happier in the 00s (43 years of age to 53 years of age).

Finally, musically, at least for me, the 2010s were better (this website forced me to be entirely tuned in).


Sex was, in fact, relatively guilt free, AIDS beyond our worst nightmares, and gonorrhea (which actually killed Al Capone) a penicillin shot away from eradication,  abortion a form of birth control and birth control another form of birth control.

Music evolved to the axis of hedonism disco and anhedonia punk, merging into new wave and post-punk.

Political, we got rid of Richard Nixon, gor rid of Gerald Ford and had Jimmy Carter in power… what we wouldn’t give for Jimmy today!

War? Vietnam came to an end and while Iran brewed, it wasn’t the same thing at all.

Movies: Hollywood’s second golden age, the French New Wave reclaimed by the children of John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock.

And thirty years after its end, we can look back with earnest nostalgia and not for us but for what remains of Western Civilization…




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