Going Steady: New Singles, Wednesday, May 13th, 2020, Reviewed

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Pretty Money – Advertisement – blues workout from Seattle rockers, the lead singer is real good – N-

AS Tearless (feat. Lalita) – Amnesia Scanner, Lalita – noisy and also oddly melodic experimental duo from Berlin – B

Hustle Don’t Give – Apollo Brown, Che Noir, Black Thought – featuring the Roots guy on an old school Wu-y track stolen by Che Noir from one end to another with a “this is for my husband” shout out – B

Rot Your Brain – Exhumed – hardcore and exactly what it says it is – B

Continuous Portrait – Inventions – electronic mood vibes meets a quiet ambient sound effect – B

Dolly Dream – Jade Hairpins – half of Fucked Up go electronic pop beats and rock vocals – B+

I’ll Take It Boring – Jordana – a pretty indie pop track about being an introvert – B+

Brutality – Katie Von Schleicher – this song is so strong, I doubled back on Katie’s literature influence, and didn’t need to double back on the movie that will influence the upcoming album, “Vertigo” -as terrifying film as ever made about necrophilism. An intense  beauty of metallic sounds and keyboards like phantom of the opera with a sense of dread – A-

Racks 2 Skinny – Migos – Migos as usual without the sneaky high hand of “Taco Tuesday”

Bless Me – Moses Sumney – well, it’s not “Cut Me” or “Me In 20 Years” -it doesn’t have that well of sadness in it, but it is still gorgeous – A-

Selling Candy – Ohmme – i can hear why they are loved so well, I love em as well in theory -the vocals has a touch of the Roches  and the music is thunderous guitar and drums… the song could be better – B

Hot Heater – Pottery – sounds like Talking Heads circa “Burning Down The House” – B-

ENEMY – slowthai – I’ve never quite gotten Slowthai, his rap is experimental and he is nothing like the grime that usually comes out of the UK, but the sound is unique and this has a pounding beat that gets under your skin – B

Pure Cinema – Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – early 10s indie vibe – B-

I’m Not Getting Excited – The Beths -From Auckland, New Zealand, where they killed off Covid-19 in a month, a power pop rock band with muscle and guitar solos, the full monty, and a hook’s hook AND  a fake ending and, hell, as a great a thanatological exercise as you will ever hear AND, AND, AND … a terrific little rocker – A

This Forgotten Town – The Jayhawks – old school, tuneful, country rocker beaut – B+

Information (and the Island in the Sky) – The Rentals – everybody working with Matt Sharp, blokes from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Killers, Flaming Lips, bore me to distraction, as does this melodramatic guitar and electronics bummer – C-


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