Going Steady: New Singles Tuesday, March 17th, 2020, Reviewed

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Time Bandits – Laura Stevenson – she records for Don Giovanni Records, which possibly gives Laura the most completely independent of all indie labels and, though this is something we’ve been writing about for years, her Grandpa composed “The Little Drummer Boy” and “Do You Hear What I Hear?”. Which puts music directly in her DNA, even if as a songwriter herself Laura doesn’t always hit the sweet spot. “Time Bandits” was written after Trump won the election and it conflates the end of days (no not this one, but talk about good timing) with her recent at the time marriage. Here she plucks her acoustic album with the slightest of overdubs and harmonizing as she consoles and advises her husband…. dust in the dark for the one and one is couple – B+

Uusi teknokratia – Oranssi Pazuzu –  grandiose, slug paced, ritualistic doom metal metal it says here, Finnish psychedelic black metal it says there, and the song is a ten minute, head banging, ineluctable roar that travels in concentric circles that come and go in nightmare trance blackness – B

On the Floor – Perfume Genius – Mike Hadreas has always had a way of traveling between an alt art aesthetic and a modern pop dreamscape, this is the latter: a poetic sheen of arranged low key instruments and sharp tunefulness – B

Can’t Do Much – Waxahatchee – The third song off Katie Crutchfield’s upcoming album is the third goodie in a row, and while it isn’t “Lilacs”, what is? Her last single “Lilacs” is close to the head of the best songs of the year, and the earnest and well tempered “Can’t Do Much” may not be up to that standards (for one thing, the lilac metaphor is hard to beat), it is clearly another triumph – B+


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