Going Steady: New Singles Tuesday, March 10th, Reviewed

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Weightless – Active Child – quasi classical, haunting background and soft blown dreamless daydream – B-

Sulfur Surrounding – Code Orange – classic hardcore band, scream and shout wit a quasi John Barry musical dynamic – B

Hyper Vigilance – DRAIN, Taylor Young – Hardcore, heads down, Santa Cruz riff monsters – B+

I’m So Tired – jennylee – Warpaint’s bassist (and singer), covers Fugazi in a world of distracted horror plus a slow fade to black – B+

Oprah’s Bank Account (Lil Yachty & DaBaby feat. Drake) – Lil Yachty, DaBaby, Drake – Lil Yachty at his pop best plus the biggest star in rap and the second in command on a very funny and very clever hook lined hit revolving around a great metaphor… plyus Yachy as Oprah??? Check it out below

Torch – M. Ward – better than the first single, a low key, melodic Americana track – B

Ponytail – PINS – post-punk, buzzed goodie via the UK, plus synth lines galore – B

Danger – RDGLDGRN, Nitty Scott, Alexandra Stan -impressive art rap – B

What is Compassion? – Savak – agitprop alt-rock by one of the best alt rock bands around – B+

Kerosene! – Yves Tumor – a post-punk roar of guitar licks and wailing vocals – B


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