Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 9-9-16 – 9-15-16

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Love Star – Common – Well, it is must better than that godawful “Glory”, and Marsha Ambrosius is lovely on the hook, the coda is terrific, so the only problem is Common’s verses – C

Revolution Radio – Green Day – Same old power punk battering ram responsible for countless bands -Blink 182 to mention just one. It still isn’t very good – C

A Little More Summertime – Jason Aldean – This guy ain’t even overrated, he is just another boring country bro, and this heartbreak break upper clangs like a monstrosity George Jones wouldn’t piss on. As always in these cases, it isn’t the synthetic sound as such, it is the poor song craft – C-

Waste A Moment – Kings Of Leon – Typical anthemic KoL with their long awaited return, but there is nothing in it to turn your head. It’s been three years, and this is what they have to show for it? How do rock stars get huge breaks and still forget to do their job – C+

Perfect Illusion – Lady Gaga – Josh Homme on guitar, Kevin Parker on drums, Mark Ronson producing, and Lady Gaga’s pained and intense vocal. This is the pop song of the moment – A-

Here’s To The Farmer – Luke Bryan – Can’t we do any better than these farmer Bill tropes. Neil? Anyone? I appreciate the effort but, “raising a son, raising a daughter, gather round the table , give it up to the Father”, cmon one long cliché – C+

Flipside – Norah Jones – Boring jazz blues workout – C

Future Looks Good – Onerepublic – Ryan is back at his old job, working those heavy beats and doctored keyboards. “You are the future and the future looks good…” he claims. Perhaps, but it sounds like crap – C-

The Greatest – Sia – The Kendrick Lamar rap ain’t much, and personally I’d give up myself. Geez, when did life become an endurance test? However, not bad – B-

Influence – Tove Lo – Nothing much EDM and Wiz Khalifa never ever helps – C

Gucci Snakes – Tyga, Desiigner – Not sure why Kanye signed Tyga, he ain’t nothing more than nasty. Though this is a mix and match trap and gangsta good enough joint – B-

Digging For Windows – Zach La Rocha – Great song, powerful rap.  and superb and different production from El-P. That beat going through it, it is like an intense thruuum, is brilliant and rages viciously. What a terrific return – A-


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