Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 3-31-17 – 4-6-17

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In Cold Blood – alt j – A clever little variation on “Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” with its pop reflexes in better order than its art one and a brisk beat plus horns aplenty and piddle paddle drum, and a little EDM in the mix on this their second goodie in a row – B

Don’t Take The Money – Bleachers – They are emerging as one of the new bands in fun.’s footsteps but for better reason than most, of course. This is a catchy dance track but not much more, as Antanoff’s big return it isn’t one – B-

Heatstroke – Calvin Harris – OK, Young Thug? Cool. Pharrell? If you insist… ARIANE GRANDE??? You don’t even need to hear it to feel the the fingerprints of overkill and it is one step away from a “Trolls” soundtrack. Awful – D+

Same Dark Places – Jr Jr – This is modern day power pop, sweet as molasses genius with a horn punctuation do die for and an off shade striking sound merchant that makes you jump, a self-help piece of samba jump and a great song – A-

Humble – Kendrick Lamar – I just don’t dig him the way other people do, I’ve seen him live three times and he was terrible twice, and as much as I admire all three of his albums, only G.O.O.D. was really major, the other was wildy overrated. What’s so great about this one, eh? “Be humble. Sit Down”? What kinda hook is that? – C+

How Bad Can A Good Girl be – Imelda May – Sounds like Lana Del Ray without the suicidal impulses – C+

Bruises – Lewis Capaldi – This week’s RAGNBONEMAN with a distinctive tenor and a lot of personality which slops along the sides of the song like slop and begs you to give into it… resist – c+

Everybody – Logic – I think he is gonna be my token white rapper, this is a good little rap rocker – B

Love Yourself – Mary J. Blige – Of all the useless pieces of advice on earth, this is the most usual. Kanye seems eager on the verse – B-

Periscope – Papa Roach – Rock ballad (with Skylar Grey no less), not bad, not much – C+

Craving You – Thomas Rhett – Dreadful country dance track – D



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