Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 11-22-19 – 11-28-19

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Resentment – A Day To Remember – Intensely old fashioned, even by post-rock 2017 vibes, mixing singing with screaming and a nothing special riff… the drummer ain’t bad – C

Fall On Me – A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera – Hoping to recapture a genie in a bottle, Christina joins the duo for a “Say Something” wannabe . The problem is, “Say Something” was crap to begin with – MUST TO AVOID – D

Time Machine – Alicia Keys – The most stupefied bore in the world, is still stupefyingly boring, hip hop productions won’t help -nothing ever has – D

Vete – Bad Bunny – He stopped being a surprise two years ago, as the US trap revolutionizing of reggaeton  became absolute, and “Vete” is a great song, the all bangers all the time Oasis started a strong year and here he ends well – B+

Kubrick Faked The Moon Landing – Black Caviar – weird and strong, and somewhat pure House, the DJ duo with an exceptional dancefloor workout – B+

Moonpie – Black Caviar – a different kind of moon landing! – B

Your Girl – Basia Bulat – She reminds me of Kathleen Edwards, similar upbeat poppiness folk to her, and while there will always only be one Kathleen, Jim James gives her some of the pixie jam dust in the production – B

Slumlord – Baxter Dury – Ian’s son tackles rap in his daddy’s cockneyess working-class slang -though nowhere near as good – C+

No Place Like Home – Consequence, Phife Dawg – Two thirds of A Tribe Called Quest, one of whom, Phife, would have been 49 years of age on Wednesday. Very Tribe sounding, mathrap jazziness – B+

Unfaithful – Dennis Lloyd – Painful, well oversung, singer songwriter – C

It Just Doesn’t Happen – Destroyer – Canadian legend, still sounds Bowieish on this synth-y track – B-

Grand Paradise – Mike Shinoda Mix – Foxing, Mike Shinoda – The piano sounds like it escaped from a Bond song, and the Linkin Park guy doctors the vocals till they take on their own personality – B

Now That I’m Back – Frances Quinlan – Hop Along lead singer’s second single sounds like a typical Saddle Creek snooze – B-

Hallelujah – HAIM – After two great singles, here they are full blown bores – C

Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles – A sexy ode to drugs and parties from the former 1D and a return to power with a sinking, then flying, piece of classic rock meets EDM – B+

Hey World – Isobel Campbell – Former Belle And Sebastian, has some of the sweetness but not too much of the overbearing song by committee of her first band – B

In a World of My Own (With Duchess) – Kat Edmonson – Kat has mentioned that critics of her voice made her insecure. She shouldn’t, the woman has a gorgeous voice and with Duchess singing backup, this is like a subdued Andrews Sister in a dreamscape of sound – B

My Own Dance – Kesha – Not as good as the Big Freedia song, but pretty good hip hop EDM – B

Black Crow – Kosa Nostra – True Groove main attractions Tomas Doncker and Artur Uronen cut out the middle man with a terrific bass hook on a mindmeld of EDM, funk and disco, topped by Tomas’s growl – B+

Heaven in Your Eyes – Kosa Nostra – At a slower pace than “Black Crow,” “Heaven In Your Eyes” is a relative of one of 2019’s best songs, “Post Modern Jive” -a dreamstate sadness permeates it – B+

Heaven in Your Eyes: a Tribute to Greta Thunberg – King Artur Remix – Kosa Nostra, King Artur -A terrific remix from Artur, the beats are fresh, the bass pure disco, Tomas vocals meddled with just enough, and it would work great on the dancefloor – SINGLE OF THE WEEK – A-

Before You Go – Lewis Capaldi – Off the album, he doesn’t have another US hit though it is better than “Someone You Loved”, and relatively better I mean – D+

Sugar Coat – Little Big Town – Well, it’s better than Lady Antebellum – C

The End – Marilyn Manson – Turning Jim into Goth is like turning wine into water – C

Then There Were Two – Mark Ronson, Anderson .Paak, Spies in Disguise – I am pretty sick of both Anderson and Mark -aka Spies In Disguise soundtrack song, and they completely miss it on a lame disco rework – C+

Misty Dreamer – Marshall Crenshaw – A recorded outtake from Miracles Of Science (which Marshall is re-releasing early next year). Written by Scottish singer songwriter Daniel Wylie it is a beautiful, guitar based pure pop track with a lovely guitar break and Marshall, sounding timeless, sings it very well – B+

Straight To Hell – Ozzy Osbourne – As Ozzy  eyes the exit door, his second single “Straight To Hell” is as Sabbath-y as you could hope for, taken down a peg because of “I’ll make you scream, I’ll make you defecate” line. Slash on guitar – B

Massacre, The New American Dream – Palaye Royale – Very impressive glam metal like Black Veil Bride with better songs (and younger!) – B+

Loyal (feat. Drake) – PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake – Will Drake recover from being booed off stage? The thing about being laughed at is it strips your veneer of superstardom, not unlike Taylor Swift lying about Kanye West: your fragility shows you up as a braggadocio , and I know you think well duh but if you can do it, it ain’t bragging. Anyway, Drake’s Toronto buddies, OVO’s Partynextdoor has always been boring beyond belief and, with Drake on “Loyal,” he is still mining low energy chill-r&b. Incidentally, I bet it hits big and Drake needs it, he should release a solo song asap (Grade: B-)

Home Tonight – Paul McCartney – a bland absolute nothing – C

In A Hurry – Paul McCartney – Not good but better, with a surprisingly astringent bridge – B-

Georgia Lee – Phoebe Bridgers, Tom Waits Tribute – Phoebe has a real problem: she is clearly an untrustworthy, not very talented former member of Bananarama. In particular, she went from being “super down” with Ryan Adams to brutally claiming it was some form of quid pro quo. I would forgive her except, she really, really sucks with exactly one great song: “Motion Sickness”. This Tom Waits cover changes nothing – C+

Sorrow Remix 2019 – Pink Floyd – Off one of their not great albums – C+

yellow is the color of her eyes – Soccer Mommy – Soccer Mommy begins to spin her wheels on what should have been a major release but is more of the same only with more instruments – C+

Ol’ 55 – Shelby Lynne, Allison Moorer – More Tom Waits, this time from the Americana sisters – C+

Dirty Dirty (feat. Lil Skies) – Smokepurpp, Lil Skies – soundcloud guy, you can tell by his face tatts. Has there ever been a music revolution derailed by death the way soundcloud rap was? XXX and Lil Peep, lost em both and never recovered. As for Smokepurpp, terrible on stage, he can construct a trap beat track and this is catchy if nothing special – B-

Own It (feat. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy) – Stormzy, Burna Boy, Ed Sheeran – When you see Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran on the same grime song you just know you’re looking at a major pop move. It won’t change anything in the States, and Stormzy is big enough in the UK for it not to matter – B-

I Don’t Wanna Get Wise – The Who – The album was meant to drop yesterday., instead we got a deep album cut and more Pete ruminating about then – B-

Ahimsa – U2, A.R. Rahman – Bono’s best vocal this decade – B+

Eight Candles – Yo La Tengo – Apparently, there is a Hanukkah album by various artists coming soon, here Yo La Tengo channel Burt Bacharach -not unpleasant – B-



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