Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 11-13-15 – 11-19-15

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New York Is My Home – Dion And Paul Simon – Written by Dion and I coulda sworn it was Paul’s, but they are both here capturing the streets of the city that birthed them. “Hard as concrete, soft as the summer breeze”, refers to a girl but we know love lives in the urban jungle ode to this place – A

You’re Such A – Hailee Steinfeld – Actually less a single and more a track from the four song Haiz. Even so, this piles on the handclaps and na nas till your ears feel like glue. Hey, maybe I got her wrong – B+

Kill – Jadakiss, Lil Wayne – The 90s come alive, or at least the early 00s. Nice hooks, Lil Wayne has such a great voice, love the backing track – B

WTF (Where They From) – Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams – I hope this breaks pop, very impressive modern hip hop, sounds like the missing link between M.I.A. and Missy if you see what I mean; the hook sounds like nothing else I’ve heard. You’re gonna hear it over and over again, everybody is gonna use it  – B-

Hell – The Pains Of Being Pure AT Heart – They haven’t so much improved as grown out, this has the lushness without the tedium, it is fully formed – B+

Lime – Polica – ANother band that bummed me out with an iffy live performance, this has a lot going on for it, including a very wriggly little lick somewhere or the other – B

Spoiled – Wale – Not a fan, he almost hit me as a Wiz also ran, but this is a catchy autotune r&b pop song – B.

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