Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 10-30-15 – 11-5-15

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Focus – Ariana Grande – I don’t see how this could be a blander piece of crap, dance pop 101, and her lungs don’t help in the slightest – D+

Cee Lo Sings The Blues – Cee Lo – His best song since “Fuck You”, is also his most soulful self-parody you can imagine. And though he reminds me of the ill tempered children’s writer in “Elf” give the man this, given the right song he can sing it – B+

Angels (feat Saba) – Chance The Rapper – Chance has sold out Terminal 5 twice and he still hasn’t released a single. This might be the first song off the eagerly anticipated and if so it is a flawless dreamrap, a beautiful backing track and a smooth, sweet rap, man, wow, “I’ve got angels all around me that keep me surrounded” or maybe “wop wap da bam” – A

Boulders – Curren$y – He is a talented guy, no doubt, and the hook is a dramatic free fall, he spits it well and the track is impressive but it is a deep album track paraded as a welcome mat – C+

Bang My Head – David Guetta, Sia, Fetty Wap – Well crafted hook and Sia can sing it as well, but the song is very ordinary despite its catchiness – B-

Sittin’ Pretty – Ty Dolla Sign, Wiz Khalifa – Catchy hook, and Ty is a better singer than a rapper every time, but this is going nowhere – C+


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