Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 1-4-19 – 1-10-19

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Kiss That Girl Goodbye – Aaron Watson – Country stomping kiss off song – C+

Famous – Adam Doleac – Why are so many country singers coming out of sports?  Doleac made it as a college baseball superstar and now is a country star in the wings, this will help, a big yet small sink swing of a country business as usual – C+

No Place – Backstreet Boys – The boy 2 boys  guys return with one of the clumsiest steals, this time of the late Avicii’s ” Wake Me Up,” around but hey, if it works it works and it works – B

I Found You / Nilda’s Story (with Calvin Harris & Miguel) – benny blanco, Calvin Harris, Miguel  – the problem with blanco, the problem with his album last year, is that as big time producers wannabe pop stars go, mining the terrain made fertile by Calvin and Avicii, he doesn’t have the skills. Big time ballad leading to a blues rocker, and neither do it – C

New Horizons – Ultima Thule Mix – Brian May, Ultima Thule – Ultima Thule is that fused coupla of rocks behind Pluto, New Horizons are the NASA team who are monitoring, the song is prog rock old school style by the Queen guy – C+

medicine – Bring Me The Horizon – Not the worst modern rock around, nice little simile sets it up and if the chorus is iffy the rest is OK – C+

Hello Happiness – Chaka Khan – Somewhat ordinary funk workout though it builds nicely, the album is dropping next month – B-

Undecided – Chris Brown – The sample is from Shanice’s “I Love You” and if you can’t see the hand of Scott Storch you’re not looking hard enough. The track is an emotional avalanche and the problem is, nobody believes Brown. Still, it is a pretty good song, melodic, hooky, with a strong beat in the back  – B+

a thousand years (lullaby) – Christina Perri – The”Jars Of Heart” singer has returned after a five year break with this song from her upcoming album of tracks for her baby daughter. It is really sweet but also a little twee – C+

Raised on Country – Chris Young – You can’t help but respond to that bellowing voice though it sinks into cliche so fast it disappears as soon as you hear it – B-

Nothing Else – Cody Carnes – CCM bummer of immense proportion, six minutes of horrifying build to one of those steamed out emotional slap downs  – MUST TO AVOID – D+

Unshaken – D’Angelo – Quite possibly the worst song of his career, a sub-Ben Harper track for the Red Dead Redemption 2 video game soundtrack produced by Daniel Lanois (who hasn’t known better since Dylan lost interest in him) – C-

Psycho – Yours Truly: 2018 – Danielle Bradbery – The Voice winner absolutely kills on this Post Malone cover, her voice isn’t the drug slur of percodan and thought that Post exemplifies, instead she sounds like an r&b singer cracking a pop track – A-

LeBron – Duki – Latin trap, with Duki comparing himself to you know who – B

Crushed Up – Future – Business as usual Atlanta trap, diamonds and girls but Future has always done it exceedingly well and this song absolutely comes through – B+


My People – James Hersey, Jeremy Loops – Not bad indie pop via Austria, addictive little confection – B

Destroying Angels (feat. John Doe & Exene Cervenka) – Garbage, Exene Cervenka, John Doe – Could this be a drearier piece of shit? It is the definition of plod – C-

Starman – Garbage – Beyond useless cover, one of Bowie’s loveliest tunes drops dead – C-

Watch Me Fall – Lil Xan – Not bad, our little boy is growing up on this modern mood piece – B-

Juice – Lizzo – I saw Lizzo on stage a coupla years ago and the disco diva blew me away, and so does this, EDM veering between r&b and disco – B+

IT’S ALL YOURS – Luke Christopher – r&b autotuned – B-

Sound Of An Orchestra – MIKA – The Lebanese-American indie pop manipulator has been on the scene for over ten years and is still knocking em out, this is the most tuneful song of the week, a completely addictive pop stroke – A-

Move On – Mike Posner – His best song since “Pill” also finds Posner at his wisest, “beginnings always hide themselves in ends,” the video is below, shouting out his late dad, his Friend Avicii and his ex (Avicii  appears to be haunting this post) – A-

Your Body Is The World – Mineral – Austin indie rockers from the 90s return sounding a touch more emo – C+

NoBody Else (feat. Nick Cannon, Ty Dolla $ign & Jacquees) – Ncredible Gang, Nick Cannon, Ty Dolla $ign, Jacquees – Not bad r&b as written song by supergroup that coulda done without anybody but Ty – C+

Song 31 – Noname, Phoelix – Chill r&b plus rap, with jazz backing track and fine flow – B+

When the Party’s Over – Our Last Night – Post-punk screamo covers Billie Eilish and does a darn good job…  – B

Get Enough – Paul McCartney – Better than his last album, this is a McCartney song, especially the electronic symphonia coda, but it is inspired by Justin Vernon with an inspired use of autotune, a magnificent specimen of a song – SINGLE OF THE WEEK – A-

Halfway There – ROZES – The Chainsmokers chanteuse needs to be a little catchier than this EDM pop move, I bet it breaks the UK charts of they hear it: this is the Wheelhouse Jess Glynne/Anne-Marie the chart thrives on  – C+

Brand New Day – 2019 Version – Sting – Was it me who claimed the Police were the worst band ever (here)? Well, yes, but within the confines of really, really big bands. As for Sting, who can be the most blindingly boring man on earth, that still doesn’t mean the Mark Knopfler soundalike “Fields Of Gold” was terrible, and it doesn’t mean “Brand New Day” wasn’t  a jazzy beauty 20 years ago and hasn’t survived this good new version – B+

Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You – Teddy Robb – Nice little country tune, catchy and sorta sweet sex song! – B-

Black Temptation – The Flesh Eaters – Half the Blasters, half X, and Flesh Eaters singer Chris D… but the song is way over sung for punk – C


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