Going Steady: New Singles 11-9-18 – 11-15-18 Reviewed

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Ariana Grande Wedding


Every Day is Christmas – Alec Duffy – In 2007, Alec Duffy won Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas song exchange where Sufjan swapped copyright for a song with Alec, this is Alec’s and with just piano it is an enormously sweet song of emotional attachment – B

Who R U? – Anderson .Paak – Tricky beat crazy produced by Dr. Dre, not bad but really not much – B-

thank u, next – Ariana Grande – This song is so great, a heartfelt response to former lovers and also to a world busy watching Ariana’s love life on the Internet, very catchy with a hook that should join the lexicon of love: “I’m so fucking grateful for my ex” -SINGLE OF THE WEEK – A

40 Shades of Choke – Ari Lennox – A member of J. Cole’s Dreamville label, this is a gorgeous r&b song about S&M – B

Show Me How To Live – Live In Cuba/2005 – Audioslave – Given the opportunity I would be happy to say something nice about the late, great Chris Cornell, the single most influential singer of his age… So, the man could sing on this riffarama – C

Slower – Austin Burke – sweet nothing country ballad – C+

Chances – Backstreet Boys –  Not boys, not yet men… – C

Raining In My Heart – Buddy Holly, Gregory Porter, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Sure, always a pleasure to hear Buddy, and absolutely Gregory is a great singer, plus, if you must add strings this is the song that can’t be hurt by em… it still sucks – C-

Stars Before The Sun – Capstan – Don’t let the intro fool you, this is hard rock whining goes prog – C-

Twerk – City Girls – If I was City Girls I would have cashed in on Drake’s endorsement a little faster and a little better than this good natured romp – B-

Adictiva – Daddy Yankee, Anuel Aa – The lines in Latin pop keep on blurring, this reggaeton uses autotune for no good reason and adds Puerto Rican star Anuel to add that modern day trap feel – C+

For What It’s Worth – Dawn Landes – From Petaluma Records ongoing “Songs Of Peace And Protest”… Dawn adds nothing much but doesn’t take anything away from one of the top protest songs of the 60s – B

Overseas (feat. Lil Pump) – Desiigner, Lil Pump – The most aptly named rapper of all time, raps about touring in Europe while Lil Pump says “I let a bitch rub my feet, I made a mill in a week”… nice work if you can get it – B

Nowhere2go – Earl Sweatshirt – The one rapper we would be happy to hear from doesn’t record as much as you’d want him to, and this under two minute song about insecurity has the best backing track I’ve heard this year – A-

Look At Me Now – Emily King – Gorgeous voice, terrific MOR pop song – B+

BURN IT – FEVER 333 – Hop hop punk never happened the way it should have, but the strength here is that it happens the way you dream it would, a pure adrenaline rush of a rock out banger – B+

Taking Off – Haley & Michaels – Cool , sexy, country romp dialogue about the first time – B

Arrest The President – Ice Cube – “you’ve got the evidence” – B

God Damnit (with Call Me Karizma) – ILLENIUM, Call Me Karizma – An EDM guy? Coulda fooled me, this is a sweet pop rap song – B-

I Like That – Easy Star All-Stars & Michael Goldwasser Reggae Remix – Janelle Monáe, Easy Star All-Stars, Michael Goldwasser – Janelle adds her voice to a slice of lover’s rock – B

Te Guste – Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny – If this is a Jenny from the block song it waits too long to unpack her, if it is a Bad Bunny from the checkout counter song he does well by her – B

Off Deez (with J. Cole) – J.I.D, J. Cole – Great flow here – B

Eyes On The Prize – John Mellencamp –  a  variant on  “Keep Your Hands on the Plow”  -something he knows nothing about – MUST TO AVOID – C-

Armed And Dangerous – Juice WRLD – “look at the bank account, look at the cash amount…” words to live by from the newly rich and famous – B+

Never Enough – Kelly Clarkson – I didn’t think it was physically possible to over sing a song off “The Greatest Showman” they were so overblown to begin with… but it is – C-

Here Comes The Change – Live Acoustic – Kesha – I prefer the original but it isn’t bad if a little obvious – B

Droppin’ – Leikeli47 – One of three songs that coulda been the best of the week, this is a masterpiece about how fame limits friendship, even when the friends are family members – A

Fortress – Lennon Stella – The actress off “Nashville” releases a pretty pop plus beats ballad – B-

Told You So – Little Mix – Sisters join together to help a girl who had her heart broken… sad, just so sad… – C+

Hurts Like Hell (feat. Offset) – Madison Beer, Offset – Madison is only 18… but she can oversing with the best of em on this EDM blahdom, Offset is autotuned outta existence – C+

No Time For Cryin’ – Live – Mavis Staples – Sure there is time for crying, just ask Little Mix… why do I find all these songs about protest somewhat meh? – C+

Such a Night – Michael Bublé – Who wants to cover Presley? It is such a dodgy job, all white jumpsuit and “thank you very much…”, but Buble sings it so well he retains Presley’s DNA and manages to flow through the bars with humor and grace… – A

Unfollow – Mr Little Jeans – Indie poppers with the lousy band name have been MIA but this is a return to all their strength with a tuneful, smart beats, pop song – B

Here with You – NLSN – Electronic one man band via Germany, well arranged and crafty and crafted – B

Forgotten Kindness – Oginalii – Gothy psychedelia sludgeness – C+

White Christmas – OneRepublic – No, just no…  – C-

Dolphin – Panda Bear – I’m not joking or being a wiseass here, have you ever heard a leaky tap in the middle of the night, that drop sound is the primary sound effect  C

Adan y Eva – Paulo Londra – rough  translation, from the Argentinian up and come: “Like Adam and Eve, let’s have the first sin….” – B

Everlastingly Yours – Piroshka – members of Lush, Elastica, and Modern English are a touch more electronic than you’d expect – C+

Birdsong – Regina Spektor – I’d like to take the fucking bird and sell it to KFC – C-

KLINK – Smino – Completely addictive hook filled fun track – B+

Lonely Man of Winter – Sufjan Stevens – I dissed this last week but, you know, it ain’t bad and  works as a gentle  answer to Alec Duffy’s sweet nothing – B

Wake Up (feat. Chance the Rapper) – Tee Grizzley, Chance the Rapper – Tee is gangsta, no, really, he spent three years in prison for armed robbery. Here he gives em hope, and Chance helps – B-

Drip – The Marías, Triathalon – Buzzy two bands join together though the calling card remains The Marias gorgeous singing – B

Knights Of Malta – The Smashing Pumpkins – Its name notwithstanding, Billy’s last sing, “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts).” was his best in years… this is as cheesy as you’d expect – C

I’ll Still Call You Baby – Toby Keith – Sad, sweet country ballad – B

Another Place – Türküm – Turkish DJ-producer has an arresting ear for wall of sound scariness – B

Be Still My Soul (Live) – Will Reagan – If CCM knew how to write about Jesus without embarrassing him, it might sound like this fine mood spiritual… if he had only kept repeating the title for the entire song it would be terrific but once he gets onto Jesus he is so sffusive that if I was Jesus I’d get a restraining order  – B-

Talking to a Girl – William Michael Morgan – Old school country about recovering from heartbreak – B

BAD – XXXTENTACION – XXXtentacion playing Biggie to Lil Pimp’s Kurt, except they are both playing Kirt with X getting a little 2Pac thrown in – B

Think I Lost It – YFN Lucci – I really like the arrangement, one voice a backing track and YFN singing on the beat track – B

Someone I Used To Know – Zac Brown Band – Co-written with Shawn Mendes, Zac goes EDM pop and if he had a shave I might believe him – C+



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