Going Steady: New SIngles 10-5-18 – 10-11-18 Reviewed

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STOOPID – 6ix9ine, Bobby Shmurda – Shmurda is still in prison for attempted murder, so he has the street cred 6ix9ine doesn’t have after getting nailed for filming a 13 year old girl having group sex when he was 18… This song proves 6ix9ine can turn two criminals into nursery rhyme bad news. It’s great, of course it is, so now what? – SINGLE OF THE WEEK – B+

Trust My Lonely – Alessia Cara – Singles and features here and there yes, otherwise the Canadian singer has been quiet the past coupla years… this is her third single this year and her best, a very catchy with an excellent singalong bridge – B+

1999 – Charli XCX, Troye SIvan – EDM ordinaire though wait two minutes and you get a verse from Troye – C+

Whatchamacallit (feat. Chris Brown) – Ella Mai, Chris Brown – Terrific r&b ode to infidelity – B+

In My Mind Part 3 (feat. Georgi Kay) – Flo Rida, Georgi Kay – Nice beat on this typical Flo Rida track, the rap is slammin’ – B-

Endless Summer Freestyle – G-Eazy, YG – Try as he might G can’t sound tough, especially rapping over doo wop – B-

Anthem – Greta Van Fleet – Really have to see these guys live because plod rock like this makes no sense considering the hype surrounding them –  C-

Without Me – Halsey – Directed at G-Eazy,  dumped  she is too hurt for revenge and sounds it  – B

GOKU – Jaden Smith – Powerful little rap song. Smith has been doing this well for years now and here the rat-a-tat beats fire under him as he perfect’s his flow – B

Poor Imitation Of God – John Hiatt – The song is OK classic rock Americana but the hook is so irritating you wanna hit him – C+

My Dreams Have All Come True – John Paul White – Painfully earnest Americana bore – C

CAN’T GET OVER YOU (feat. Clams Casino) – Joji, Clams Casino – Joji is a Japanese multi-tasker who can mix up a stew, like here, where the parts seem to have no reason to be together (that plonking piano) and still sounds minimalist and kinda isn’t – B

Fake Friends – Joel Adams- Sounds like mid-period Bieber, a relation to “Love Yourself” – B

Polaroid – Jonas Blue, Liam Payne, Lennon Stella – Jonas is talented, he knows ear candy and here he nails it yet again. It will break pop UK – B

Canary – Joy Williams – The sorta blues Gospel Americana that sounds better on paper – C+

Shoulder The Weight – Justin Courtney Pierre – New Wave still lives, if you can call this living, from the Motion City Soundtrack lead singer – C+

Build – Justine Skye, Arin Ray – OK r&b, a little boring though the metaphor (“if I could build a n-“) is a goodie – B-

Dangerous – Kid Enigma, Riton – Cool house, “I’m so free, so fly, so fabulous, so dangerous…” – B

Strange Bird – Kings Of Spade – They connect the dots on this Led Zep influenced anthem for queer identifiers like the lead singer – B+

Ladies In The ’90s – Lauren Alaina – Country pop from American Idol runner up, honors her forebears on this country pop snooze – C

Multi Millionaire (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) – Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert – Gucci guys nail it – B+

With You – Mariah Carey – Speaking of 90s ladies, this is a terrific mid tempo pop tune ear candy, if it doesn’t hit it isn’t Mariah’s moment – B+

Shame – Maxwell – Relatively straightforward r&b with a tricky construction and sudden strings – B

Tattooed on My Brain – Nazareth – Better than expected riff song with a nice hook and lotsa changes of pace – B

Jaleo – Nicky Jam, Steve Aoki – Nicky is a Latin pop master and Steve knows how to use a beat, yes, a Latin beat, to maximum effect – B

Who Do You Trust? – Papa Roach – Sure, rock is dead as such but that doesn’t mean it is all dead, Papa Roach are ace on this piece of weirdness like they’re waiting for Chuck D to add a verse  – B-

Comeback Kid – Sharon Van Etten – She hasn’t been around for years and she has been missed if this excellent, loud and sweet, and disgruntled rocker  with a stomping backbeat is anything to go by – B+

Walls – The Lumineers – Excellent cover of the Tom Petty song… has it really been a year? Time is relentless – B+

Fire – Part 1 – The Struts – glam rock rocker – C+

Neon Church – Tim McGraw – Oh, shut your fucking face – MUST TO AVOID – D

Every Step That I Take (feat. Portugal. The Man and Whethan) – Tom Morello, Portugal. The Man, Whethan – Yup, that Tom is hip – D+

How Dat Sound (feat. 2 Chainz & Yo Gotti) – Trey Songz, 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti – Sex banger – C

The Prophet Speaks – Van Morrison – “When the prophet speaks mostly no one listens”? OK, Joey DeFrancesco is still with him, and I am still listening, but unlike the 90s rush of albums I am getting less out of it and there is less there – B

Master Groove – WizKid – Old school salsa beats meets EDM production – B-


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