Going Steady: New Singles 1-18-19 – 1-24-18 Reviewed

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Secreto – Anuel Aa, Karol G – Not bad reggaeton though the beats are too loud – B-

7 rings – Ariana Grande – If Ariana plans to spend the rest of the year releasing one great single after another I think we should be told. The woman is on fire and this heavily Rodgers And Hammerstein sampled track with a groovy rap (stolen from Princess Nokia according to her), should be a complete smash – A-

Right Back (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) – Remix – Ar’mon & Trey, YoungBoy Never Broke Again – The r&b duo get a verse from YoungBoy – C+

LBD – Becky G – Becky G hasn’t sung in English for awhile and usually it is just a verse on Spanish track, this is mostly English with a Spanish language bridge, this is where trap isn’t trap but simply a style of beats as opposed to backing sounds. It is sexy and fun and works completely – SINGLE OF THE WEEK – A-

Outta My Mind – Des Rocs – good little rocker that owes a lot to “Stuck In The Middle With You” in the verses but repays the debt on the bridge – B+

Catchy Song (From Lego 2: The Second Part) – Dillon Francis, T-Pain, That Girl Lay Lay – It is no “Everything Is Awesome,” and it is certainly no “Baby Shark,” but the rap is sweet and clever and while it isn’t stuck yet after three listens, life is long – B

DIAMONDS & DYNAMITE – Donna Grantis – without a doubt, you can put New Power Generation and the Revolution on one side of the Prince scale and Donna Grantis on the other and Donna beats the lost… try this new instrumental, it is a jazzy workout that starts with a percussive bend and then veers away, and it  doesn’t sound like Prince (it sounds less like Prince than The Coup did last year) but it is more in keeping with his legacy and he would have loved it – A-

RIP Aretha – Dreezy – This woman has all flow all the time, on this self-portrait and fight with a guy  that stops everything and tributes Aretha in the chorus –  B+

Nadie – Farruko – The way reggaeton used to be done by the Puerto Rican popstar, should do well on the Latin pop charts – B

Crowbar – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Remember Gallows? In the mid-00s they were gonna be the Sex Pistols but there was no scene to spearhead. Well, Frank Carter used to be with them and here he foregoes politicals for a hard as fuck blues rocker – B+

Wanted A Name – FRENSHIP, Yoke Lore – The “Capsize” throw everything they’ve got on this follow-up, and the sound is very strong with a lot of tracks working on this electropop song. But is it enough…? – B-

Want To Be Wanted – Future Punx – Sounds like the Prodigy on an off night – B-

Conspiracy Theories – Gauche – New Merge find, post punk jazz psychedelic punk rockers who scream well and kill the hook with an atom bomb – B+

I’ll Be You, Be Me – Glen Hansard – I remember this guy from the Swell Season and he still has the voice and the brood – C+

Up It – G Herbo – There is something so paranoid about G Herbo, he sounds like an anxiety attack – C+

The Rally Boys – Guided By Voices – You know how there are bands you just irrationally dislike? I didn’t wait to catch em in 1997 at Summerstage after Sleater Kinney and I am still not a big fan,  so if I say “C+” you think “B+” – C+

Let Me Be Your Sunshine – Hannah Miller, Chris Pierce – Blah Americana (is there any other sort?) – C

Almost (Sweet Music) – Hozier – I love the way he sings on the beat, it isn’t rap but its flow is so completely excellent –  B

What If – India.Arie – If I was black I would find this borderline offensive – C-

Sin Ti – INNA – Romanian EDM woman, this is a song on congas and it moves like a Latin pop hybrid – B

I Get No Joy – Jade Bird – A first rate, nice and fast and smooth vocal- B

Woman – Karen O, Danger Mouse – Better than the last single, that anti-lullaby crap, this is energized with a strong to screech hook – C+

The Terrifying Tale Of Thela Hun Ginjeet (Live in Philadelphia, 1982) – King Crimson – 1982? The spoken word intro is kinda funny – B

Real Ties – Lil Skies – Very strong emo-rap, tuneful, nice rap, good backing track… this works – B

Keanu Reeves – Logic – Not really a tribute to Keanu but to Logic being the one, better than his last album – B

Karma – Lucky Daye – Strong soul guy with an earworm like money in the bank background harmonies – B

GIRL – Maren Morris – Breathy, pop country – B-

Pure Water (with Migos) – Mustard, Migos – That instrument (no idea what it is -anyone?) hook is irresistible, this is Southern rap meets LA EDM – B

Make It Sweet – Old Dominion – Very pleasant country rocker, with a tough instrumental break – B

Nanã – Polo & Pan – Big in France  EDM meets Brian Wilson – B

What’s Next? – Piroshka – All this superness, Lush’s Miki Berenyi,  Moose’s KJ McKillop, Modern English’s Mick Conroy, and Elastica’s Justin Welch, for such a boring piece of meh britpop that Justine Frischmann wouldn’t bother sneering at – B-

Token – Panda Bear – Very catchy given the performer, it is like a calliope with a new art school aurally painting on it – B

Young – Parachute – It’s like Bahamas Junior – B

Drip 4 Sale – Plies – The hook has that irritant quota at work, and Plies has a remarkable to himself voice – B

Kids – PUP – Sleaford Mods with a rock backing band, a sound I bet the UK is gagging for… B+

No Strings – Rayven Justice – The difference between r&b and rap is r&b guys cry after a break up and rap can’t remember the girl’s name. This is R&B with auto tuned, hip hop production production – B-

Look Away – Rival Sons – An instrumental intro, think of the Led Zep who spelled fairy “fairie,” before bursting into hard rock glory  and Robert Plant style vocal – B-

Times 10 (feat. Lil Baby) – Sammie, Lil Baby – Bland r&b, the only thing worth doing is waiting for Lil Baby’s verse, which he kinda sings – C+

Un Año – Sebastian Yatra, Reik – This is Spanish pop not Latin American, not unpleasant and I bet Spanish young ladies love the tatted up Columbian Sebastian – C+

Bajo Cero – Sky, J Balvin, Jhay Cortez, MadeinTYO – After Balvin’s indifferent 2018 Vibras, he is still trying to cash in on “I Like It,” this featured performance won’t help though it does help legitimize MadeinKYO whose English verse is a highlight, Sky is a new Latin Trap guy, not bad, let’s wait till the next one – B-

Mi Rumba – Sofi Tukker, ZHU – House beats pop weirdness – C+

Trashbag Baby – SWMRS – Pop punk, “April In Houston” is much better – C+

Pretty – Terror Jr – Good band name, nothing special indie electronic tweeness – C+

All Over Now – Edit – The Cranberries – Released exactly a year after Dolores O’Riordan’s death, this was being worked on at the time of her passing. Business as usual sad song, a little haunted and a touch too prescient, as a non fan at best I still can’t help but notice that it sounds just like prime Cranberries – C+

Body Chemistry – The Drums – Great hook, that “good luck and a good fuck” is swell, and the sound is completely and uniquely Jonathan Pierce – B+

Land Of The Free – The Killers – what gives with political pop? The problem seems to me that every idea is so received it feels like being harangued by mr. obvious, it is insulting when the Killers sing about people of color being harrassed by police while driving… do I have amnesia? Was I banged on the head as a child? – MUST TO AVOID – D

All I Need – Townes Van Zandt – If it goes on much longer I’m gonna rename him 2pac Van Zandt… Townes Hendrix? This is a taster for even more never released material – B

After A Few – Travis Denning – Country blues – C

Floss In The Bank – Tyga – “ten bad bitches on date”? A$AP Rocky, who once claimed he had just got out of bed with sixteen girls and had his first orgy at thirteen years of age, blows his nose at you, he farts in your general direction  – B-

BIG PLANS – Why Don’t We – The poster boys for twinks sing r&b and aim for NSYNC land – C+

Kick Yo Door – YoungBoy Never Broke Again – As violent as you could ever imagine, the Southern rapper on drugs and battery – C+

LONER -YUNGBLD – Last year’s 21st Century Liability was a very strong glam rock album lost in the shuffle,  This is the way My Chemical Romance might sound if they were playing today… and yung again, of course  – B+


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