Going Steady: New Single Releases 12-18-15 – 12-24-15

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Cheap Thrills – Sia – Sure I loved “Titanium” and her back up vocals on Kanye West’s “The Wolves”, but otherwise  I am as unconvinced as a man can be when it comes to Sia. She over stirs the pot  and overwhelms the ingredients with overbearing drama. This is an exception, an I wanna go out and party song, with a tricky construction and a bridge that could double as a chorus and a dance beat. “I don’t need money as long as I keep dancing”.  It is like the song Lady Gaga won’t write any more, written for and rejected by Rihanna – B+

Better Place – Rachel Platten – I can’t stand this girl in theory, in practise only “Fight Song” makes me wanna puke my guts out… This is a pretty romance ballad, heavy on the piano and the strings but still understated  – B+

Under The Sun – Diiv – From the remnants of the Brooklyn scene, this is a beauty: the riffs roll in like waves and the it seems to surge up in foam and subside – B+

Might Not – Belly, The Weeknd – A glorious piece of self-portrait with a sample hook you can’t stop listening to and The Weeknd sings it beautifully, “I might make make it” sounds like foresight by the end.  Belly’s verse could be a little better – B+

New Level – A$AP Ferg, Future – It’s been years since we got some new material, but this song is beyond dope, twp tracks, one wild cries and testify, one A$AP and Future trading chants. A terrific song – B+


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