Going Steady, An Early Look Wednesday: New Singles 2-14-20 – 2-20-20

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Given the time I would update Going Singles every day Tuesday through Thursday but as is I usually post on Thursday. In an attempt to stay ahead of the releases I am posting today (Wednesday) and maybe again on tomorrow with more songs, and the main event, last week there were 100 singles reviewed, sometime next week…

Sucker For Punishment – Alex Lahey – pop punker sucker punch via Australia – B-

Party’s Over – Anna Burch – not as good as the excellent “Not So Bad” from earlier this year, but still a warm and lovely singer songwriter trope – B

Contagious – Banoffee – electronic bloopy art pop – B-

Be Afraid – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – continuing a tradition of lead off singles punching above their weight, this is Jason’s third in a row and while “24 Frames” and “If We Were Vampires” are difficult to improve upon, the stand for your rights agitprop rock melodiousness actually manages to maintain the quality control  – A

I Shall Be Free – Hot Snakes – Former members of two great rock bands, Rockets From The Crypt and Drive Like Jehu reformed post 90s in 2018 and sound like as terrific a little rocker as you can imagine, especially the instrumental break with chugging licks and a keyboard that sounds like it was sampled and wasn’t  – B+

I’ll Be The Death Of You – I Break Horses – shoegaze via Sweden – B-

Allay – Katie Gately – experimental pop artist has worked with both Bjork and serpentwithfeet (I bet she was behind his appearance at The Shed with Bjork last year), here Katie is making beautiful sounds from a one woman chorale strong song structure – B

Ohio – King Princess – off her Friday release of the deluxe Cheap Queen, the song has been around since the first day of our acquaintance and is strong enough and she is in good voice, but she seems to resist her natural inclinations towards pop – B-

Fanden ta dette hull! – Kvelertak – not hardcore, hard rocking riffs for sale – B-

Oh Canada – Nadia Reid – gorgeous guitar song from a first rate songwriter via New Zealand, this song is so clever it makes you think it’s her best but really her consistency of execution is a calling card – B+

Captain – Nicole Atkins, Britt Daniel – Nicole’s voice sounds a lot like Kat Edmonson, and the song sounds like late period John Lennon, a reworking of “Real Love” which was hurt by McCartney’s over production and could do with a scraping off of the muck  – B-

Pius in Tacet – Pantha Du Prince – techno stuff – C+

Anj – Ratboys – pretty good pop rock, though maybe they should change their band name… – B

Cars in Space – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – melodic guitars and stuff pop rock – C+

Can’t Go Home – The Jacka, Freddie Gibbs – love the soulful sample, and both rappers know this stuff backwards – B

At The Door – The Strokes – so it finally happened, The Strokes became Julian’s second best band – C

Elastic – Too Free – post-punk mood music – C+

4 American Dollars – U.S. Girls – 70s sounding rock with a side of dance, hot and constant drumming and  synth sounds – B+

White Rooms and People – Working Men’s Club – more post-punk, like Postcard Records or Pop:Aural – B-

False Teeth – Worst Party Ever – emo rock old school – C+

Midnight To Six – Wrekmeister Harmonies – haunting goth classical, piano based mood music interrupted by disquietening whispered vocals – B



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