Going Steady, An Early Look: New Singles Reviewed 12-6-19 – 12-12-19

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Void – Algiers – Afro-Punk anthem, heart of darkness – B

Frozen – Be Well – A nice little thrasher – B-

Strength for Breath – Be Well _ pushed along by the drums to much better effect – B+

Love Will Remain – Bill Fay – Lousy piano ballad – C

You and I – Caribou – the one man, EDM, moodster with a bummer soul track – C+

Mother – Courtney Love, The Turning – From that upcoming remake of “The Turning Of The Screws,” finds Love going very Goth – C+

From the Grave – Cro-Mags, Phil Campbell – Ramalama, fast, loud riff monster, great singer but it would be – B-

Nixon’s Rules – Graham Parker – Parker takes on how the remnants of Nixonian future history: “The English government still lying through its teeth to protect its failed policies…” Yowzer, anybody woulda thought they were Mercury Records – B

Pantomima – Greg Dulli – Terrific lick monster, with a study Afghan Whigs throb, and if you like Greg you’ll love it – B

Riding Solo – Hinds – Very catchy pop rock from the Spanish women – B

Free Gloss (feat. Nicholas Allbrook) – Holy Fuck, Nicholas Allbrook- Kraftwerk-y rock track with a lotta beeps and a rock guitar sound – B

Solita – Kali Uchis – crossover Latin pop with an edgy backing on the 808 – B

Migration of Souls – M. Ward – Remember when Conor Oberst wanted M. Ward for President, circa 2004, and a year later he released his greatest moment, “One Life Away”.  And since then, meh. That She & Him stuff got old fast, last years album didn’t hit, and this song is not much though his voice is still pleasant and warming – B-

Best Thing – Nadia Reid – She’s got a good voice for an indie folk woman and can draw out a line to the breaking point, but the song is a bland out – C+

Forget Me Now – Polica – electronic indie, sweet but a snooze – C+

Feed – Soccer Mommy – Another one from “The Turning” -a quirky, angular track goes nowhere – C+

Elevator – Smoke Fairies – Folkie rocker with a great lick it rides well – B+

Is This The Last Time – Spoon – a B Side from 2002, which makes it less soulful but more clearly an indie ride – B-

Headlights – Squirrel Flower – Another indie chick snooze – C

Don’t Blow It, Kage – Tenacious D – I’ve never much cared for the Spinal Tapping duo, but this is a killer track (produced by Jack White), and it works as a funny little portrait with Jack Black going from aggression, dismissal and then begging for his return… C+

I Can Change Your Mind – The James Hunter Six – Soulful Bossa Nova – B-

9th Configuration – The Rentals – If you’re down with this bore, you’re a better P than I am… – B

Gracious Day – TORRES – I like the poster girl for lesbians everywhere quite a lot, not here though… a slow drag – C

Kissing In The Wind – Travis – Travis at their MOR worse – D+

Without You – Wish You Were Here – Fuck, I am dying of boredom – D+


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