Going Steady, An Early Look: New Singles Reviewed 11-8-19 – 11-14-19

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(Here is an idea I am playing with:  next week’s singles aren’t released for the most part… still, some of it is. So, when I can find the time, I will post an early take on the singles and repost once it is completed… obvious the best single might change… IL)

For The First Time – Best Coast -They are playing Brooklyn Steel next March, a place so out of the way it is a ten minute walk to the subway to gran the L before flipping to other trains. But it is worth seriously considering and not just because the new song is so good, but because Best Coast are always great AND the new song is so good: gorgeous SoCal indie pop-rock with every flourish on a song that sounds like Beth is shaking away the blues but it is a cheerful break up song that is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Other than a children’s recording, it is the duo’s first work since 2015 (their last work was magnificent as well) -SINGLE OF THE WEEK – A

Ay Papi – Dawn Richard, Brooke Candy – You might remember Brooke from the great Sexorcism (if you don’t my review will be up next week), Dawn is neo-R&b from the former member of Danity Kane – B

Slim Thicc – Dawn Richard, Trakgirl – More electronic based EDM 808s beats and a touch less interesting – B-

Aquacode Databreaks – clipping., Shabazz Palaces – All the way out there industriali-sh tech and bleeps with art rap on top – C+

In My Own Time – Fran – Bummer pop tune – B-

This Is How (We Want You To Get High) – Extended – George Michael – The first posthumous release that is really a find, a new song, syncopated bossa nova as full fledged story and disco ballad – B-

She Knows – Graham Coxon – does this mean Graham wrote all those “Badhead” type sad songs? From the terrible Netflix “The End Of The Fucking World” – B-

Shaking – Hazel English – Sweet dream pop, a tantalized sound that goes a touch shoegaze at the chorus – B

It’s Not Me – Hit Like a Girl –  Nice bass lick, the band (aka Nicolle Maroulis) also runs a transgender outreach – B-

Mirage (Don’t Stop) – Jessie Ware – UK songstress so good featured on Rudimental singles (and very good on stage), takes a sharp disco beat and rides it smart – B

City (Demo) – Joseph Keckler – The art slash singer has an incredible vocal range, and he nails it even in the demo, but the song is a little flimsy – B

Bracer – Katie Gately – Gothic electronica – C+

Shi Tridin – Omar Souleyman – In what sense is this Western pop? None whatsoever – B+

Ela É do Tipo (feat. Drake) – Remix – MC Kevin o Chris, Drake – Drake absolutely kills his verse, Kevin is Urbano Latino, and his song deserved the remix to reach an International audience – B+

Gun Showers – N.A.O Quelly – Signed to Joey Bada$$ new label, string, crackling, pitchy on an OG concept – B

Sanctuary Dub – Saudade, Ho99o9 – Art nightmare sounds with a bluesy background – B

Doorman – SebastiAn, Syd – The DJ and producer is a great match for Syd, who haunts the song with a beautiful vocal that keeps reaching to an invisible melody line – B

Wayfaring Stranger – The Haden Triplets – The album might be very interesting (they will be covering songs written by their Grandfather (their father was Charlie Haden), though this cover of the classic is nothing much – C+

Spaceships – The Rentals – The “Friends Of P” guy isn’t playing to his melodic strengths, though it clearly sounds like what it is – B-

First Body – TNGHT, Lunice, Hudson Mohawke – The duo are both players with a great ear for sounds, here a flute hook that repeats all the way through, getting louder as the drums kick in, the vocal hook is catchy – B


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