Going Steady, An Early Look: New Singles Reviewed 11-29-19 – 12-5-19

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Plumfield – Alexandre Desplat – I guess that storywise, the music comes from close to the end of “Little Women” the upcoming  movie of the great American novel. The reviews have been very positive (no need for a #metoo update), and this string and piano soundtrack leaves it far from Trent and Atticus litmus test, industrial strength, computer generated sounds – B

Watch Your Back – Charger – Coming off an EP, the Rancid bassman Matt Freeman, so good opening for the Misfits earlier this year, other band is well banged out, pop and drop hardcore punk about being watched all the time, though how often can snoops watch me jerk off before losing interest? – B+

You Tried It – City Girls – JT’s second post prison release (there is also a feature, so technically third) is, in fact, better than “JT’s First Day Out,” suggesting the Drake pals have a long career to go. “First Day” flows better, but “You Tried It” has the hook – B+

No Rock: Save in Roll – Cornershop –  Cornershop haven’t been around for years but they’ve always been a good band (remember “Brimful Of Asha”?), mixing Indian music plus sitar to rock, so why they have morphed into Primal Scream circa 1994, I can’t say. And I don’t mind – B+

W (feat. Gunna) – Koffee, Gunna – The nineteen year old reggae teen girl, has the percolating dancehall riddim but it isn’t reggae or dancehall, it is singsong hip hop 2019 – B+

Bråtebrann – Kvelertak – Strong piece of hard metal rock (the guitar licks sting) and new singer Ivar Nikolaisen is excellent, as he urges us to give the air guitarist some – B+

I Stole Yer Plimsoles – International Teachers Of Pop, Jason Williamson – Jason is from Sleaford Mods, ITP is post-punk, art mind fuckers, and between the two they remove the taste of shitty, earnest Irish singer songwriters, middle aged high culture bland pop, all girl wannabes, and some of the worst rock bands that have emerged from the UK EVER. This is what we want – B+

Don’t Give Up – Lee Fields & The Expressions – The near beer of soul, and as usual with Lee… where is the song? – B-

The Foundation – Nicolas Godin, Cola Boyy – Half of Air with a trancelike beauty of a pop track – B

Marvelous (feat. Polo G) – Quando Rondo, Polo G – Sensitive emo rap – B

Walking Away (Music from the Original Amazon Series “Modern Love”) – Regina Spektor – Regina started the decade all systems go but then sputtered out when Cheap Seats from 2012 simply wasn’t as good as Far, and things went to hell since then. The show is pretty good I hear – B-

Right Round The Clock – Sorry – Another good, though more obvious, UK rock band, indie division…. that makes three this week – B+

Lover – First Dance Remix – Taylor Swift – From the AMA -with all due respect, “Lover” isn’t even “Mine,” yes, it  is definitely good (especially that bridge) but three mixes good? – B+

Pop Quiz – The Cool Kids, Guapdad 4000 – Rap as whinge as not whining, but still novelty catchy  – B

This Boat – The Innocence Mission – Dreamscape, lovely though ethereal – B

Heartless – The Weeknd – Less a song and more a gossip item, Abel Tesfaye thanks a model from saving him after a pop and TV star dumped him for a pop idol who dumped who… Not bad, typical The Weeknd mood, but the melody isn’t strong enough – B


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