Going Steady, An Early Look: New Singles 2-7-20 – 2-13-20 Reviewed

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Parliament Of Owls – Agnes Obel -classical bent piano dream pop without the pop – C+

Already Forgiven – Basia Bulat – folk as dreampop with the dream and less of the pop – B-

The Boys of Summer – Live at EartH, London, 2019 – Bat For Lashes – Don Henley’s most covered song is given a lovely, whispered, anti-machismo pull – B+

I’m Not Your Dog – Baxter Dury – Ian’s son adds beats to his cockney mash up of chamber pop and EDM – C+

Different Light – Best Coast – After hearing the first release off their upcoming album, “For The First,” I bought a tix to catch em at Brooklyn Steel this May,  now we are on their third and that makes two bummers in a row… anybody wanna buy a trix to Brooklyn Steel? – C

Bandicoot – Califone – Art installed electronic with a whole lotta newly manufactured and zoomy synths and computer contributed roars – C+

People, I’ve been sad – Christine and the Queens – bloopy, electronica, somewhat slower than usual the French ones not Phoenix – B-

Out The Slums – Remix – Drakeo the Ruler, Danny Brown, 03 Greedo – Drakeo is new to me, but he has one of the best voices I’ve heard in years, but not as good as Danny Brown who sounds great whatever is on his mind at any given time, and 03Greedo… just the best rap song I’ve heard this year – A

When You Leave The Sun – Gladie – power-pop dreaminess – B

Good Bad Times – Hinds – The Spanish girl pop rockers have a gift for melody, without being actually memorable – B-

Ride Out – Huntsmen – prog rock with hard rolling guitars – B

Death Engine – I Break Horses – sweet sounding wall of melody plus manufactured beats – B-

No Más – Irreversible Entanglements – Jazz collective go beatnik – C+

Flower – Jehnny Beth – The Savages lead singer with a glorious and dark singer songwriter nightmare of muted desire and fumbles, a great song… – A-

Acid – Jockstrap – don’t let the name fool ya, deep, orchestrated 40s pop meets EDM in a good way – B

Set It Up – Kamaiyah, Trina – Two top female rappers wonder who the fuck you’re disrespecting – B

Know Your Worth – Khalid, Disclosure – sure, Khalid has that falsetto and Disclosure are a top EDM duo, but their live shows need to be better and both of their last albums didn’t cut it for me (Khalid was a smash, Disclosure wasn’t), but this is their second song together and it is better than their first, which was a goodie anyway – B+

Alone, Omen 3 – King Krule – so now we know what he watches on Netflix, and that if the mood takes he can make drum and bass variants with sturdy structures, this call out of care is strong meat – B+

Marigold – Kyle Forester – The keyboard journeyman (Woods? Check. Purple Mountain? Check) but this song is awful bland alt Americana saved by a terrific guitar break – C+

Eso Que Tu Haces – Lido Pimienta – Odd vocals, too high pitched to be exactly pleasant and too different to be ignored with her world music by other means – B-

3 segundos – Melenas – another all girl band from Spain, this time everything is played at the same loudness so the vocals and harmonies meld into the guitar rock – B

All the Way Lonely – Mike Crain – singer songwriter meets goth from the metal guitarist – C+

Asi Es el Morro – Natanael Cano – Last year Bad Bunny remixed his “Soy El Diablo” to strong effect, by himself Cano trap corridos but more corridos and less trap – B

Cynical Serene – PEARS – UK punk meets post-punk meets something or the other core – B-

Texas Drums Pt I & II – Pottery – sounds like Talking Heads circa “Burning Down The House” covering George Strait – B

When a Great Man Dies – Pure Wrath – emocore via Indonesia, that wall of guitar strum is awesome at the top – B

Jackie’s Room – Rustin Man -the Talk Talk guy in depressing form, art pop – C-

Listening – Savak – The one time I saw em live they blew me away, on record I go in and out, here I’m in for their impact weird guitar rock – B

Beaten Down – Sharon Van Etten – Last year when the world was flipping over her last album, I was shrugging, good singer songwriter with unique sound but the songs coulda been better and this new one is a dreary mes – C

The Watcher – Solothus – melodic death metal via Finland – B

The Unlimited – Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams – Sufjan and his stepfather make new age bloops and stuff perfect for piping through designer hotels – C+

Verminous – The Black Dahlia Murder – Exactly what you think the black metal stalwarts are, they are while  a little more proggy maybe and whenever the keyboards tune in I tune out – B-

This Decision – The Lovely Eggs – Sure ain’t “Wiggy Giggy” and the art damaged weirdness of This Is Eggland feels more like an affectation now, without the pop jones to make it go down – C-

The Absence of Birds – The Radio Dept. – gorgeous folikness like Belle And Sebastian, via Sweden (since 2001 by the way)- B+

The Absence of Birds – Civilistjävel! Untitled Version 2 – The Radio Dept., Civilistjävel! – instrumental take with electronic adds – B

Falling – Trevor Daniel – teen and near teens have been plugging into emorap without the rap but with the hip hop elements in tact, like this one – B-

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