Bouncing Juggalo's, The Check's In The Mail

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Insane Clow Posse’s Loyal Fans

Insane Clown Posse fans are odd little rednecks.  All grease painted up and woot’n and holler’n.  They hold vigil in anticipation of hte annual “Gathering of The Juggalos’ held in Carbondale Illinois.

This mulit day event is a huge gathering of former and future Jerry Springer guest but its a costly proposition.  Unlike most fests these people have no corporate sponsor.  It’s self funded by ICP and Psychopathic Records.  Times are tough and checks are bouncing.

Illinois, sheriff Jerry Fricker said his department got a check from promoters Psychopathic Records Inc. as a donation for protective vests, stun guns and other equipment. But that check bounced, Fricker said, declining to specify the amount other than calling it “decent.”  “I’m kind of old-fashioned. I waited until the check cleared before I ordered anything,” the sheriff told the Southern Illionois newspaper.

But its not just charitable high fives, its the vendors themselves who are getting rubber payment.  Event Tex, the firm that provides the power generatros for the fest has issued,  “provisional warning to other industry professionals” about Farmington Hills, Mich.-based Psychopathic Records and its affiliates, saying a $54,000 check for its services this year has not cleared the bank.

But fear not the Juga Mutha Fucka’s are gonna make good on it all- they swear.  But could this mean this was the last Fest?  Chances are good their psychotic fans will burn the old dudes at the stake.  Stay tuned, this isnt over yet.

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