Glitter Trash At Center Staging, Burbank, Tuesday July 24th 2018

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Jenna Talia


If you believe what you read, punk rock has been declared dead for years by now, but you can’t kill something that doesn’t want to die, especially when you are witnessing a Glitter Trash show. The band’s roots are in Detroit, and since gasoline is obviously running in frontgirl Jenna Talia’s veins — she has a ‘Motor City Mayhem’ tattoo on her arm — the music is delivered in your face, with high energy and an unapologetic attitude, channeling legendary bands such as MC5 or the Stooges, that they often cover.

On Tuesday night, Glitter Trash gave an intimate performance at Center Staging, a famous and spacious studio where the who’s who of the music business has rehearsed, from Paul McCartney to Elton John or Michael Jackson….

The place was huge for the band that I had previously seen inside the narrow Redwood bar, but Glitter Trash had no problem to occupy the space, trashing the roomy stage with Loren Molinare’s Detroit signature roaring riffs, Jesus Rauda’s driving bass lines and Brian Irving’s jungle-fever pounding drums… Of course, tall and statuesque Jenna was the main attraction, center stage at Center Staging, commanding the place with the right balance between aggression and glam, but for once, dressed like an undefined gender boy with Barbie’s hair and smoky eyes… ‘I Need Sex’, she started to scream with some glorious aggression and a there-is-no-tomorrow attitude, ‘Wreckage’, ‘Crucify Me’… , the songs followed without even a pause, bringing up this same old-school punk rock fire, which gave to the show a timeless quality.

You don’t have to be fooled by the ‘trash’ part in their moniker, the band was also truly professional as Jenna has put behind her wild drunk Detroit days of rock ‘n’ roll, with the out-of-control partying and the broken mic stands. The destruction was only sonic and verbal and sonic this time, with a raw proto-punk sound, coming right at you from the late ‘60s-early ‘70s, making you foot tapping and eventually giving you ideas for an unpredictable mosh pit.

During the set, the band did still give hints at bad times with, for example, ‘Hustlin’, a song about being broke and working shitty jobs while trying to make it. Bad times, good times, rock ‘n’ roll and anger, the sound of Detroit took over the entire set, even revamping the Platters’ ‘Only You’ into a punk song. Glitter Trash’s performance worked side by side with an over-the-top bender-gender attitude, reinventing Detroit’s famous style with a killer look and Loren Molinare’s explosive guitar and high jumps.

‘Are you a boy or are you a girl?’ asked Loren (who has played in many bands such as The Dogs, Little Caesar and Gilt Lily) before covering ‘Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?’ as if they were a new reincarnation of Jayne County. We still don’t have the exact answer for this, but a bit of mystery is always good for showbiz, and as soon as Jenna had finished the set, legs apart with plenty of demonstrative gestures and assault-dancing steps, Loren told me that the band was serious about its ambitions: they are preparing for Rebellion Festival in the UK, August 5th, and are hoping to be the openers for famous bands, like ‘Queens of The Stone Age’, he even said. In this case, they have to invite Iggy Pop for a duo with Jenna.

I Need Sex
Crucify Me
Material Damage
Pretty Suicide
Monkey Man
Only You
Detroit Steel
Pop Star
Are U A Boy!
18 Wheel Murder

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  1. Showtime Clothing

    I not suprised, this band sets the stage on fire anytime I get a chance to witness this show beyond shows, I’m there! My friend Tom Zutaut said Jenna Talia act reminds him of Johnny Rotten. Enough said….ShowtimeDan!


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