Glamour Kills Tour 2012 and Album Release

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Glamour Kills is the pimp of bands lately. Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low is just one of the alty pop bands who hangs tight to this clothing merchant.  Their high end hoodies make sure that the kids are lookin' spiffy.  Cute graphics for boys ang girls, takes all the pressure off fitting in at shows- its nearly uniform.

They sponsor tours and recording so I cant be hating on them too much. This years spring tour will be headlined by The Wonder Years, a great 'mid core' band with a heep of promise.  Theyll be dragging Transit, Polar Bear Club with them.  A really fun trip but what makes it even  more fun?  A compilation recording of the bands performing eachothers songs


1. The Wonder Years covering Into It. Over It.’s “Anchor”
2. Polar Bear Club covering Transit’s “Skipping Stone”
3. Transit covering Polar Bear Club’s “Resent and Resistance”
4. The Story So Far covering A Loss For Words “Wrightsville Beach”
5. A Loss For Words covering The Story So Far’s “Quicksand”
6. Into It. Over It. covering The Wonder Years' “Don’t Let Me Cave In”

This is a great example of how fun this show will be- the odds of them doing these songs live is pretty huge.  The problem?  Tour dates suck, just not enough North East concentration- and who the hell booked it at Cambridge?  My living room is bigger.

3/10 The Gramercy Theatre -New York, NY
3/12 Middle East Downstairs – Cambridge, MA

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