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Spring! Well there wasn't much of a winter if you weren't in Europe.  No damn snowballs here in New England that's for sure.

So a spring anything seems odd.  What is more odd is that Glamour Kills has offered up a really really good freebie.  Figure if you're going to spend $70.00 on a hoodie with a flying pig some free tunes would be a nice gesture.

Why does Polar Bear Club sometime sound like Nickelback?  Clear your damn throat your making me nuts.  But otherwise, we got some quality stuff here.

The Summer Set, The Ready Set (why are there so  many sets?!) Polar Bear Club, and a bunch of stuff I had never heard.  This is  the best part of a sampler- trying something you've never had.  This really offers some diversity, which you usually wont get from a regular label offering.

"Insecure", could be John Mayer.. at first but it really gets fun with white boy rap.  I love it and prior to this I had never heard Lines Drawn Divide and that's a dumb band name. What a shame I would have missed this.

Tonight Alive, This Time Next Year.. odd names, fun free music. 

Being frivolous is what spring is all about, right?  Go look for bunnies with this on your iPod

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