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A teaser video of fan art.  Doomy dismal and at time somewhat lame fan art of emo proportion but it’s the music that will suck your lungs through your ears.  What a fantastic and pure sound.   I could scream!

The first album in six years “Not Your Kind of People” will be released on May 15 on the bands own label StunVolume. 

The art, well it is generic and nothing really noteworthy.  What is noteworthy is that the band sounds fantastic and Manson is a Goddess.  Think of how long six years is in the scheme of things.  This could very well have been a flop- music can sound so dated and cliché’. 

The Glory of this band is that they sound just as timely as ever.  This video is a minute five of perfection- the visuals are just a high five to the fans who stuck It out waiting for this release!


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