Fun. “We Are Young” Video, Reviewed

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When I first heard Fun’s latest single, “We Are Young” (which features Janelle Monáe) , I prayed the video wouldn’t be a complete misrepresentation of the song. With lyrics like “Tonight we are young, so let’s set this world on fire” I envisioned a music video with some stereotypical wild teenagers running around and just generally creating chaos. I was so very happy to finally see the video recently and realize that Fun had not at all let me down.

The song itself is a great expression of a confusing youth and a “you know what, fuck it, I’m young” mentality. Listening closely,it conjures images of a swirling life with a teenager standing in the middle of it all trying to make sense of it. This is, essentially, what I saw in Fun’s “We Are Young” video.

The video is almost entirely in slow motion, creating a unique scene of discord and chaos as a bar is destroyed and Fun explodes onstage. That slowed down feeling sticks with you as you watch the video and see both the meaning in the lyrics and the passion behind lead singer Nate Ruess’ belting of said lyrics.

One of the most beautiful elements of this video is the theme of stillness surrounded by chaos. A couple kisses as food flies past them. Janelle Monáe supplies her beautiful voice to the song as she stands amongst fighting bar patrons. Pianist Andrew Dost coolly supplies part of the melody at his piano as chairs soar overhead. All in all, this is one of the most unique and outstanding videos I have seen and I can tell that Fun is going to soon soar into popularity.


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