Fucked Up And Black Keys Streaming At Pitchfork (Those Bastards)

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I don't know which day it will be by the time you catch up with this (Helen has been handling editing duties)  BUT if you go on to pitchfork news for May 4th two terrific songs are streaming.

First the Black Keys covering "Dearest" as part of that Buddy Holly  tribute album I wrote about.  This is the one you'll remember from "Juno" and the version is almost languid. Really quite great.

Meanwhile, breakthrough act of the 20 teens Fucked Up stream a song off their eagerly anticipated June release. It's called "Queen Of Hearts" and no, neither Juice nor Edmunds need get excited, it's a different "Queen Of Hearts" but it is still pretty excellent. The beginning is specifically great and promises a huge hit (or as big as indie gets) -bigger if they change their name.

PS: I still hate Pitchfork…


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