Frank Ocean Has Already Made $1 Million From ‘Blond’

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Frank Ocean


Surely, his last album was expected like the second coming, surely, he already has a lot of loyal fans who were ready to wait on line for hours in front of one of his pop-up shops, and surely his album hit number 1 in the charts, but Frank Ocean has already made $1 million from his latest album, ‘Blond’. And according to Forbes, the fact that the album was released independently considerably increased Ocean’s paycheck.

Ocean got out of his contract with publisher Def Jam and its parent company Universal Music Group (UMG) when he released a 45-minute visual album titled ‘Endless’ earlier this month, fulfilling his contractual obligations to Def Jam and Universal, while infuriating people at UMG. Then, in a clever move, he released ‘Blond’ on his independent label Boys Don’t Cry. Forbes did the math, if he had stayed with Def Jam, Ocean would have received $1.50 to $2 per album sale, instead of $5 to $7 per album sale when released independently, which is a considerable difference!

According to Billboard, the album sold 276,000 equivalent album units since its exclusive release on Apple music and iTunes. Ocean’s new songs generated an impressive 65.4 million streams during the week, and according to Forbes’ calculations, this is the equivalent of about half of the sales for Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ and 27% of the sales for Drake’s ‘Views’. After the cost due to the release, Ocean is left with an estimated $1 million in profit in just one single week, and he is even winning twice because a portion of the profit he would have made if he had stayed with the label, would have gone back to the label to pay off the advance artists normally receive to make an album.

Except for the copies which were giving away at pop-up shops, the album was not even released physically, and, if Ocean decides to go for a physical release later on, he could even make more money.

But, as Forbes points out, if Ocean wants to continue capitalizing on his music in the long run, he has to go on tour, which could be a bit more problematic for the young rapper,… He is a rare performer, he must have performed only 4 times in 2014 and 2015, and remember, he dropped out of his headliner spot at the FYF fest last year, without giving a clear explanation!

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