Forever 21 Is Selling A Sort Of Life-Of-Pablo-Inspired Shirt

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Someone is having fun at Kanye West’s expense and this didn’t escape GQ which noticed the shirt above on sale at a mall favorite shop of the schoolgirl in your life… ‘Forever 21’.

The retailer is selling a shirt for men which bears a close resemblance with West’s current touring merchandize. Cali Thornhill DeWitt, who strangely used to hang out with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love in the 90’s (he was even Frances Bean Cobain’s nanny) is the merchandize designer for The Life of Pablo tour. Kanye may have seen his art and then decided that huge gothic lettering was the coolest thing in the back of a shirt, who knows? This is currently the only thing sold in his online shop.

Forever 21 also thought it was a cool move and is now selling a ‘Simon de Cyrene for the world’ shirt… Simon de Cyrene, Jesus, Yeezus, got it? Does it make sense to you? Let me help you…

Cyrene helped Jesus carried his cross, but you have to know the gospel quite well to be aware of this character, Cyrene was probably African and he may have been the first African saint in Christianity… plus he may still represent the suffering of black men all over the world. Does it makes sense now? We are in complete Kanye mythology and this shirt by Forever 21 should be the official Kanye West merchandize, no doubt about it!


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