Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams Has Re-Entered The Billboard Hot 100

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Fleetwood Mac's Dreams

Stevie Nicks singing on Tik Tok


By now you probably have heard about Nathan Apodaca, the nice guy from Idaho who filmed himself cruising along on his skateboard, while drinking Ocean Spray’s Cran-Raspberry juice and lip-synching to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams.’ Apodaca, whose truck had broken down on the highway, created the video during a spur-of-the-moment idea, posted it on TikTok and basically became a star in a day. The clip went viral and has now been seen 51.6 M times on TikTok and 9.1M times on Instagram. Nathan has gained 4 M followers on TikTok and 2.2M on Instagram and he has even opened his own merch page, selling t-shirts and hoodies, keeping on cruising this wave of current fame and why shouldn’t he?

Nathan made the TV-morning-shows circuit, and Ocean Spray sent him a cranberry-colored brand new truck filled with cases of his favorite drink. He became the winner of the moment, and Mick Fleetwood even recreated the video with the same drink. Since Apodaca seems to be a cool guy who just wanted to send happy vibes during a carefree moment while the world is going crazy, people fell in love with this feel-good story, in the middle of the pandemic, crushed by the anxiety of the election.

But who are the real winners besides Nathan? Ocean Spray of course. A 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl is watched by around 100 million people and costs more than $5M… Nathan’s clip has already achieved half of this and it cost to Ocean Spray the price of a truck, so maybe $50,000?

As for Fleetwood Mac, they are undeniably the big winners of this story: According to Billboard, their former No. 1 single ‘Dreams’ has re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 21, charting for the first time since its original 1977 run. The song was streamed 13.4 million times (up 54%) and was downloaded 22,000 times (up 197%), according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data. It has also jumped from No. 36 to No. 18 on the Streaming Songs chart and 9-3 on Digital Song Sales. Even the album featuring the song is doing very well: ‘’Rumours’ also rises 29-22 on the Album Sales chart with 6,000 copies sold (up 37%), while it sold 4,000 copies on vinyl (up 28%) and soars 24-5 on the Vinyl Albums chart.’

‘We owe you,’ Mick Fleetwood said to Apodaca, whose daughter shouted over the BBC interview that her favorite Fleetwood Mac song was ‘Landslide.’

Social media have completely transformed the system, now brands and musicians can rely on suddenly inspired strangers, placing a product and a song in a 20-second video, in an attempt to attract some attention It sure doesn’t work each time, but who needs a PR when you have people like Nathan Apodaca? Stevie Nicks herself has just joined TikTok and has posted a video of herself lacing up a pair of vintage roller skates and singing the famous song. ‘The Queen has arrived’ commented TikTok, also the big winner of all this.

Here we are in 2020, where a 17-second music clip on Generation Z’s favorite social media can replace an expensive commercial ad by a few hashtags and can catapult a 43-year-old song back in the charts.

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