Five Songs For The Week, June 17th 2019

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Wes Chiller – ‘Mo Nothin’: It’s a very surfy catchy song that will certainly bring some sunshine in your life. Listening to this uplift tune will make your toes tap in the sand, as it works like an updated version of the easy-going guitar beach that brightens every summer. Like a more optimistic Kurt Vile, the 27-year-old has managed to capture this precious feel-good moment and I bet you will right away sing along to this hooky chorus even though I am not certain the lyrics are matching the happy mood: ‘Punch me in the face / wrap my head in fake news’…

Hank Fontaine – ‘Bad Love’: With a love story turned bad and a Beatles-que big chorus, the song presents itself as an easy love at the first listening, written by one-half of the sibling duo the Fontaines, who called it quits last summer. During its down moments, the very emotive vocals barely hide their vulnerability over the piano lines but the very busy and playful background soon transforms a love experience gone bad into a sweet buoyant psych pop-tune.

Speelburg – ‘Lay It Right’: I saw this Belgium/American producer at the Roxy last week when he opened for MKTO, and his one-man-orchestra versatility was impressive. The song, which is the title track of his debut EP, is a full-package adventure, which brings a big horn section, finger claps and plenty of soul. In the end, ‘Lay It Right’ has an explosive brightness flirting with funk and some exotic classic.

Goat Girl – ‘Viper Fish’: This is the most atmospheric song of the lot, as the melancholic harmonies of the women clash with the driving direction of the music, while the lyrics build a real and mysterious creepiness ‘Colloquial tongue coming in my ear/Hedonistic pain’… ‘Phallic building, cyanide killing all that was clear’. The quartet from South London with the enigmatic moniker has written a strange song oscillating between nostalgic chants and guitar-drums assaults.

The Nude Party – ‘Chevrolet Van’: A joyous good old country song to finish the list with a lap guitar, a honky-tonk piano and plenty of twangs. There is an irresistible joking side to this timeless catchy chorus, which got to these country-boys a good mention in Rolling Stone.

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