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hello cold weather












Summer is over and though we’re all seriously bummed to have no more late-afternoon wakeups and Warped Tours and warm weather, autumn (and the school year) is here.

To ease the transition a bit, I made a playlist of songs that I’m gonna listen to on the morning of my first day of senior year.

1.  “You Make My Dreams Come True”- Hall & Oats.  If you wanna wake up in a good mood, this tune is the way to go.  Campy and silly, it’ll put ya in a good mood and make you feel ready for anything.

2.  “I Don’t Care”- Fall Out Boy.  Of course, on your first day back, you’ll have some pent up angst when you encounter those you were glad to get away from during the summer months.  This “you suck leave me alone” kind of anthem is dancey and energetic, and will put you in the right mindset.

3.  “Miss Jackson”- Panic! At The Disco.  I’m totally convinced that it’s impossible to not want to dance around like an idiot during this song, plus it’s just fun to sing along to.

4.  “My Last Semester”- The Wonder Years.  Who doesn’t love a good early morning bedroom mosh?  If school makes you feel stuck in a rut, TWY knows exactly how you feel.  Just hum this all day and deep breaths.

5.  “Ode To Sleep”- Twenty One Pilots.  I know that when I’m getting ready in the morning, a good techno beat is stimulating makes me feel a little less exhausted.

6.  “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”- The Smiths.  Okay, let’s face it.  We’re not gonna be all smiles and rainbows on the day back from summer vacation.  We gotta allow ourselves to mope and reminisce a little, right?

Regardless, everyone put your workin’ face on and get everything in order for the new season.


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