Film At Eleven: If Ryan Adams Is Guilty So Is Everyone Else

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Ryan Adams is obviously an asshole, but he is not exactly a criminal. The only question mark is the thirteen year old girl Ava he sexted and skyped with, otherwise, he wasn’t the girls boss. In fact, he was married to one of his accusers. Phoebe Bridgers was “super down” wto having sex with Ryan two years ago. Did she change her mind?

Look, Ryan is a mercurial nutcase, here is on stage at the Apollo two years ago: “‘“No I wont’t stop fucking talking. Fuck off, it’s my own fucking show with my fucking name on it. You fuck off. It’s called free will, it’s called comedy if you don’t like it something’s wrong with you. You’re at the wrong show, 311 don’t play till next week. Siddowwwwwn. Sometimes I take a minute to rest my voice between songs because I can’t sing 22 songs in a row.And I have to put up with this fucking asshole who is like ‘stop talking, start playing’. That’s why you’re here without a girlfriend, because you’re a fucking prick… fuck you, all my songs hate you. All my records just burn up when you touch them. I’m sorry, am I talking too much? This songs called “If anything I say now is for you fucking prick.” I used to live here for eleven fucking years, say that to me on the fucking subway and this is what happens… yeaaaaah…’ If he would do that to a fan who said “Stop talking,” what do you think he’d do to anyone that crossed hiom. Well, check out his slam while the opening act for John Fogerty, Ryan destroyed John at the start of Ryan’s career.

Oh, and if we are going after rock stars for fucking underage groups, start by dragging David Bowie and Jimmy Page into the muck  you hypocritical fuck faces.



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