Film At Eleven: A New Alicia Keyes Single And Of Course Its Rancid

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(Film At Eleven is a hark back to the beginning of rock nyc, when we would post anything we wanted for any reason whatsoever, so less news and more obnoxious -IL)


I can’t stand Alicia Keys, I can’t remember one thing she has sung that hasn’t made me itch to punch the wall. The preachy puss faced piano bore (and I mean bore, it is painful watching her in concert) can’t stop lecturing the world and “Raise A Man” is as awful as you might think it is, a blues jazz piece of dribble by a woman with neither the pipes nor the skills to sell it. I have heard this three, going on four times, and while it started as a somewhat interesting piece of lo fi sound, the vocals, improvised woo hoos, is soon extremely annoying.

But the sentiment, it takes a real man to show vulnerability, is somewhat sharp and if she had bothered with a song it might have been ok.

Grade: C




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