Film At Eleven: 21 Savage Arrested By Ice

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(Over here at rock nyc we are always trying to be relevant, “Film At eleven” is simply a quick news report we will post from time to time… IL )

According to Billboard: “21 Savage has been arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports. The rapper, born Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was apprehended by I.C.E. on Sunday (Feb. 3) in Atlanta in what a spokesperson referred to as a “targeted operation.” And the question is, how on earth did he live in the US since 2005 with no papers and become a rap superstar while he was at it?

Pre 2001, it wasn’t impossible to be a Colonel Tom Parker and live illegally, it took yours truly FOREVER to sort out his legal service, but after 2001 the game was afoot so the question remains, how did 21 Savage manage it.

Also, note the targeted line? He was arrested for drug possession in 2014…

So the question remains, how did he open bank accounts, how did he sign contracts, buy a house? Hell, how did he get on an airplane? And HOW DID HE NOT REVEAL HE WAS ENGLISH?


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