Fifty Shades Of Black And Blue

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Fifty Shades Of Black And Blue

Fifty Shades Of Black And Blue


‘Fifty Shades of Black and Blue,’ I stole this title from Ice Cube’s Twitter feed because it is summing up the situation very well. I am going to a lot of protests and I haven’t seen any celebrities there so far…. If some of them have been spotted at the protest which took place in Santa Monica over the weekend, I haven’t seen any of them wanting to lead and hijacking the event by talking to the crowd. Such a move would have been very unwelcome anyway, this movement belongs to the people, and everybody has understood that. However, many of the action occurs on social media, and in particular on Twitter.

Every time I go on Twitter, the first tweets I see are very often those of Chuck D, Ice Cube, and Tom Morello, among others. Probably because they have even been more vocal lately, and because I took the time to check them more often these past days. They are not the only ones — everyone has listened to Killer Mike’s moving speech last week — but it is so thrilling to see them sharing their take on the situation. From police brutality to the mismanagement of this crisis by our government, these are subjects that they have obviously never ignored. Right now, is there anything else that matters besides this fight for justice? Of course not, I am still receiving press releases for indie bands releasing some debut album, but honestly, should they expect us to be focused on anything but what’s happening in the streets? It is indeed fifty shades of black and blue on social media 24/7. And you have to sort out the bad from the good, the right from the wrong.

People in the streets are asking for a profound reform of our society, for defunding the police and an overall radical change and the Chuck D, Ice Cube and Tom Morello of Twitter are basically saying ‘we have been telling you to do this for years, even decades…’ But more than a told-you-so moment, these men rise to the occasion, their discourses are on point, direct, informed, sometimes funny and you can feel this spark of victory at each of their tweets, wrapped with their usual high confidence level. And look at what we have already achieved? All 4 police officers involved in George Floyd’s murder have been charged and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has announced a cut in the LAPD budget, a still very small cut compared to their huge budget but it’s a start. And all this would not have happened without the protests.

Since the president basically addresses the nation (and the world) through his Twitter feed on a daily and nightly basis, these men have basically the same platform, and even though DJT has more followers, there’s no possible comparison when you read the contents. Here are a few examples.


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