FIDLAR Covers The Descendents For Milo Aukerman's 50th Birthday

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Milo Aukerman, the lead singer of the punk rock band the Descendents, is turning 50 on January 1st, and Filter magazine is releasing its 50th issue at the same time! With the famous cartoon drawn by longtime Descendents artist Chris Shary on the cover, the Filter people have decided to celebrate with free music, or rather a full album of Descendents covers by some of their favorite bands. The album will feature 14 cover songs by hot bands such as The Henry Clay People, Good Riddance, FIDLAR, Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses, Thrillionaire, Milo Greene, Mike Watt, Edsel, Teen, The Bronx, The Babies, Tijuana Panthers, Bobby Birdman and YACHT.


The album has been released yet, but the magazine is offering a free download of FIDLAR, featuring Brian Rodriguez, having fun with the classic and sarcastic ‘Suburban Home’. Isn’t this teenager-angst-filled song perfect for these riotous guys? There is no big surprise, FIDLAR stay loyal to the aggressiveness and the irony of the original 1982 song, after all this is a young punk band covering another young punk band (at the time). But I would be more interested to hear some of the other covers by non-punk bands such as the electropop YACHT and Americana Band of Horses. For now we have FIDLAR’s cover, and I have a feeling these kids are going to blow big with the release of their debut album on January 22nd.


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