FBI Release Biggie Smalls Murder Files

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 If you think we are ever gonna get to the bottom of Elliott Smith's death, I've got news for you: we can't even get to the bottom of a murder with 100s of witnesses on Wilshire Boulevard. That would be Biggies.

The FBI have just released the files on that, which, rumor has it, might implicate some corrupt cops in the murder.

According to AP: "The FBI released Wallace's file on March 27 on its website, The Vault, which contains the bureau's most requested case documents that can be released. The FBI on Friday publicized that it had added more than 25 new files that it had never released electronically and by Wednesday, fans and journalists were poring over the Wallace file."

Also Daily News reports, Biggie was: "killed with "very rare" metal-piercing German ammunition that could help unlock his 1997 unsolved murder."

Why did it take 15 years to figure that out.


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