Fall Out Boy's "The Phoenix" Reviewed

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I seriously can’t get over how good the new Fall Out Boy stuff is.  They recently released the video for their tune “The Phoenix”.  I have so much to say, so I think I’ll go in order.

First off, holy crap Patrick Stump looks better than ever.  He really grew up.  The best part is I can really see him being a true frontman, which is awesome because he totally deserves more recognition.  You can see the confidence coarsing through his veins, and that’s so refreshing.  I think all FOB fans who’re female saw Pete as the frontman before the hiatus but now it’s clearly the vocalist. I can’t even express how exciting that is.

On the same topic, his voice really shines here.  The way he stretches those high notes sounds like he does it comfortably and he rocks it.  I really wish I could somehow strip away the instrumentals and just listen to his voice.  It’s insanely good; I actually get goosebumps listening to it.  It reminds me of the first time I popped an FOB CD into my walkman and got that shiver in me because of how gorgeous Patrick’s voice is.

The song as a whole is much stronger than “Light Em Up”.  It has a real driving power that makes this pretty much already the hit of the summer.  It has potential for club remixes, radio acoustic versions, live recordings.  There are so many possibilities because it’s so versatile.  It’s flawless.

As for the video, it’s so cool.  It’s the precursor to the vid for “Light Em Up” and explains how the guys were kidnapped.  It appears that there’s a group of women whose goal is to attack and take captive the members of FOB.  However- have a careful eye when watching; they cut off Patrick’s left hand, but the hand in the bag on Pete’s doorknob is a rightie.  Yikes!  Someone didn’t do their job right!  However, they all look better than ever and have a new sense of togetherness that you’d expect them to lack when coming back from hiatus.  That’s not the case though- they’re much better than they ever were.

Long live The Phoenix.


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