Exene Cervenka Writing An Advice Column For OC weekly

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Have you everwanted to ask a rock star for advice? You will be able to soon, but not any rock star, punk rock goddess Exene Cervenka. Next month she will have a column entitled ‘Ask Exene’ in the OC Weekly, and anyone will be able to ask her about love, politics, music, or whatever you want to. 

You will just have to email the X’s singer at askexene@ocweekly.com, and the OC Weekly will have the permission to eventually publish your letter followed by an advice from Exene. 

How cool is this? But how did this happen? First Exene lives in Orange County, second, she was interviewed by the paper last year and the journalist was so impressed by the  advice she gave her about motherhood that she told her she should do this for a living. And Exene replied ‘Yeah, I like helping people’. Nice!

So now I wonder what I could ask Exene, Personal question? General question? Why this guy never calls me? Why republican candidates are so ugly? It’s gonna be hard!

Good luck Exene!


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