Everybody Thinks The New Beastie Boys Is Great And Guess What? It Ain't

Written by | May 6, 2011 0:04 am | 2 responses


Fast on the heels on that which we laughingly call the rock critic establishment's ridiculous hosannahs and hurrahs for the pathetic Foo fighters album, they are all standing in line to do the same thing for the Beastie Boys newbie and guess what? Hot Sauce Committee Part two is crap.
OK, maybe not crap but certainly not that good. Dan Aquilante gave it a 4 star review in New York post, so use the usual Danny Boy equivalency test. If he looks an album, half the stars, if he hates it double the stars. Which makes it a 2 star album and that sounds about right.
With the Stone do a similar gig. For anybody with any juice, halve their stars and you will get it right. Which would still leave the album as a not inaccurate assessment.
Here is Aquilante quoting something he considers silly but smart:  "We gonna party for the right to motherfucking fight." Wow, first you saw em zig, then you saw em zag, and then you saw em zzzzzzz.


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