EOB: Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien Has Already Released Four Tracks Off His Upcoming Album ‘Earth’

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EOB: Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien


Radiohead’s guitarist Ed O’ Brien has shared a new track off his upcoming album ‘Earth,’ and ‘Cloak of the Night’ surprisingly features additional vocals from Laura Marling. The song starts with a finger-picking acoustic guitar, which slowly evocates some of the most dreamy-melancholic Radiohead tunes, while the vocal harmonies turn hypnotic and ethereal. There’s no doubt it’s a pretty two minutes and a half, but you would expect the song to go beyond this delicate acoustic? Well, listen to the rest.

Ed O’Brien, who goes under the moniker EOB, has been releasing a few other tracks these past days, and they are all very different. The 8-minute-long ‘Olympik’ is a dance-rocker with a sort of INXS vibe and strong vocals, alternating with anxious electronica and a discotheque/idiotheque vibe. It’s a strange combination stretching like a club-ready remix for the last minutes. At first, ‘Shangri-La’ sounds more playful while the colorful layers and a falsetto reveal something much more complex, building a busy electro dancefloor. Meanwhile, ‘Brasil’ sounds like a folksy lullaby for the first minutes then takes a complete U-turn into looping and layering electronica filled with Brazil-inspired percussion.

Ed O’Brien, who has just recovered from the coronavirus, couldn’t have found a better name for his album. In an interview with the Guardian, he even made a connection between the pandemic, the way we treat our planet, and the awakening that may result: ‘If you look at history, it’s calamities that awaken us to what’s important. Who’s gonna win the Premier League is no longer an issue, and that comes from a football fan. I always think about the second world war, the way the country mobilized behind one thing, defeating Nazism. I’ve always felt that the climate emergency will force that upon us. And unfortunately, I think that humanity has only really learned from disaster.’

The album is set to be released on April 17th via Polydor Records and features plenty of other musicians including Radiohead bandmate Colin Greenwood, Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley, Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche, drum legend Omar Hakim, bass player Nathan East, David Okumu of The Invisible, Adam ‘Cecil‘ Bartlett, Richie Kennedy, Marcelo S. Silva, Flood, and Catherine Marks.

Here is the full tracklisting of ‘Earth’
1. Shangri-La
2. Brasil
3. Deep Days
4. Long Time Coming
5. Mass
6. Banksters
7. Sail On
8. Olympik
9. Cloak of the Night

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