Enter Shikari's Rou Reynolds Narrates To End Hunger

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"Post Hardcore" band Enter Shikari has been one of my faves for years. Their intriguing politics and their ridiculous energy makes their live shows electric- they literally fly off the stage.  So to see some thing so planned and packaged is rather startling but in a good way.

The 60 second narrative is inspired by Rudyard Kiplings poem "IF" and when coupled with about 50 kids in a paint powder fight it shows images that linger with words to think about.

Rou Reynolds, a long-time supporter of anti-poverty charity ActionAid, a partner in the Enough IF campaign, said: 'This reworking of Rudyard Kipling's 'If' poem is about being the best you can by making the right choices. There are decisions we can make together that can improve the lives of millions. I support ActionAid's work because I believe that taking action to stop poverty and hunger ruining people's lives is the right thing to do. There is plenty of food in the world, yet one in eight people goes to bed hungry every night. As this campaign says, there is Enough Food for Everyone IF we all get on board and tell those in power we want change.'

The commercial is shown in the UK but really should inspire some of us Yanks to do just a bit more. The words are gorgeous, the voice is warming, the video is beautiful and the background music of Enter Shikari is perfection.  Granted it does at times resemble an old United Colors of Benneton advertisement, but the fact remains.  Rock music can motivate for good- in a very colorful way.



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