Elvis Costello with Mumford and Sons , "The Ghost of Tom Joad"

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oh dear God no











I cant stand Mumford and Sons. That doughy banjo plucking fool just grinds me wrong. Maybe its the dumpy demeanor and the ugly vests.  Maybe its that faux bluegrass shit, not sure, but I hate it and it equals instant bad mood.

So how did I feel to see my hero Elvis Costello in the middle of the mountains with these jackalopes?  What we have here is Springsteen’s legendary song  name checking John Steinbeck’s legendary character, that has such massive mass appeal that to insult it would be like saying the National Anthem sucks (it does), you’d get your ass kicked.  But what bothers me here is that I don’t find it as bad as I should.  I should be raving about how it gave me a migraine and how I wanted to slice my eyelids off but I can’t.  Its a classic song done in a classic manner by and old dude and some whipper snappers in a pretty setting.  It could be an advertisement for the Park service its so clean.

I suppose its the loyalty to Costello offsetting my repulsion of Mumford and Sons that makes me wonder if Costello should team up with Bob Seger to see if it has the same effect.  Its  6 minutes of twangy beast and Elvis is way off, yep he’s the weak vocal.  Musically,it’s pretty enough.  Nothing spectacular and nothing really deviating from the original.

Its nice to see the old and the young together and let’s be honest here- Costello looks like hell.  That weight loss left everything hanging, maybe he needs a few of Mumford’s catering plates to fill up again.  Dude seriously, tighten up. Between Elvis Costello and these Mumford fools and that bit with The Roots I’m thinking its time for him to have a seat.  Poor choices my dear Mr Costello, poor choices spoil legacies.


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