Eight Days A Week: If You Are Going To A Concert, Here Is When To Go

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If you are a person of a certain age going to a concert feels like a chore, what to see and when? Especially in New York where you are spoiled for choice, what day of the week do you want to go? Friday seems obvious… but is it? Let us help…

Monday – I know you think it sucks but it doesn’t. Sure, you will be dragging on Tuesday but after that you have three days to recover and also, if you want a ticket Monday is one of the easiest days of the week and however late, you’ve had a weekend so you are not as tired as you might be otherwise – Grade: B

Tuesday – It will leave you tired on hump day and getting tireder from the week, plus it is a neither nor day – B

Wednesday – The thing about Wednesday is that it is hump day and you are exhausted from a long day, if you had plans for either Tuesday night or Thursday night, they are now officially dead. So you get their tired, your week is dead, and Thursday will be a long black hole – C-

Thursday – Yes, the following day is Friday and that is good, but I just did Thursday, Friday, Saturday last week, and the Thursday creeps up on you and clouds Friday – C+

Friday – This is obviously the prime real estate of time, with Saturday off you can have no misgivings on Friday night concerts, and everyone is out and having fun and so are you. Party, drink, stay out late… A

Saturday – The problem in New York is it forces you into the city unlike M – F, where you are already in the city anyway. That’s the negative but the positive is you’ve spent all night lazing around and so are ready to do some damage – A-

Sunday – The worst day in many ways, it leaves you dragging your butt on Monday morning and the entire loses a step. On The plus side, you are wide awake when you go  – C


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