Eagles Having Flown

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I bought a ticket to see the Eagles on Valentines and I am damned if I know why. I thought they were nothing much more than okay the last times I saw em (here and here)  and certainly expect not much more when they perform at MSG next month. So why go? It’s a Friday and it’s nearby, not because I love Hotel California (which they are performing in its entirety), I don’t, but let me take a final look, right?

In the interim?

A very quick look at their recorded work…

Eagles – 1972 – Linda Ronstadt quit Stone Poneys, formed her own back up band, and broke pop. Don was her drummer, Glenn her guitarist an, and they were all playing the same country rock hybrid Stone Poneys had been doing/ The album is as good as its hits, Ten songs, thrill killer and all the rest were meh… get used to it – B

Desperado – 1973 – Not only was it a stuff, it sounded like one and blame Glynn Johns if you like but one way or the other, it is a bland, slow paced cop out, with the exception of “Desperado” (which Linda sang better) and “Tequila Sunrise” -a widescreen Western story better than “Hotel California” – C+

On The Border – 1974 – ‘ James Dean, this piece of crap is what they wrote for him? Bubblegum classic rock. Opener and closer are keepers and JD Souther’s “Best Of My Love” is given an astonishing vocal workout – C+

One Of These Nights – 1975 – The best of the lot, and not that great anyway. Three smash hit songs and a lot of slow and painful drudges – B

Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) – 1976 – One of my fave albums of all time, they culled the best ten songs, a third of their releases, and put it together as a sign of rock and roll royalty, relentless, positively, killing it all the way through – A+

Hotel California – I prefer Glynnis Johns to Bill Szymczyk, and if anybody should be blamed for soft rock it is Johns, though Bill has a Western-Mexican feel that is different and though the songs are terrible, “New Kid In Town” (Souther again, when they add Don and Glenn’s names it has more to do with money than reality) – C-

The Long Run – 1979 – A worn to a crisp Eagles could barely record it though it stands up quite well, Souther is all over it and “Heartache Tonight” -with Bob Seger helping out, is as good as anything on the blue greatest hits – B-

Eagles Live – from the Hotel California and The Long Run tours. A terrible mess of overdubs and tweaking – D+

Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 – Four off Hotel California, four off the Long Run, one from the live one, and an outlier from 1975 – C

The Very Best of the Eagles – 1994 – A summation AGAIN, it wasn’t released in the States – B-

Hell Freezes Over – 1994 – They’re back with a terrible live including four terrible new songs – D

Selected Works: 1972–1999 – 53 songs, 12 are keepers, of the 12 keepers ten are off the blue greatest hits – C

The Very Best Of (Eagles album)- 2003 – completely useless – D+

Eagles (box set)- 2005 – both useless and expensive – D

Long Road Out Of Eden – Eagles always sounded old before their time… but not THIS old before their time. A terrible Middle Of The Road reckoning by middle aged  drug addicts – D


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