Drop The Lime Is The New Paradigm

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Drop The Lime In 2010: Future Shock














Way back when in 2010, rock nyc announced that Drop the Lime, aka having DJs  lead disco House disco bands, , was the future of EDM and we settled back to wait for the deluge.

But then Drop The Lime, Luca Venezia of Trouble And Bass, didn’t break through and the Black Eyed Peas were never quite that anyway ; they’d have asked David Guetta to join if they were. BEPs had a take on modern hop hop in mind.

So what happened? Here and there you got the sense of Luca’s vision reaching fruition but when you looked a little closer, DJs like Avicii and Calvin Harris were going all the way to the very edge and pulling back. And Swedish House Mafia were DJs first, second and to the end. They were mixologists and samplers. Even dr. Luke didn’t reach the next step.

Then, watching Rudimental at Summerstage Wednesday night, I realized that, yes, indeed, the next step had been reached.  We were eentering the post DJ-Producer, revised to rock band format and it was doing pretty well.

Rudimental, with its Ska echo chamber and songwriter- DJ stars, its cool quasi-Toasting atmospherics and synchronized dancing seemed to be pushing the scene to where Drop The Lime had it. The entire band has a BAND aesthetic, they might as well be the Hollies: ll four members of the group integral clogs, live and pcs, IT guys and bass, live singers, lots of them: they could be Chich. But they arem’t. They are the guys who have been featured on hits by English stars like emili Sande and John Newman.

The future of EDM, a future that seems so impossible to daft Punk occurs everyday in the UK. The DJ as rock star we know but the DJ as team player is a new way of switching round EDM. It is the final evolution of the more bass larger samples athleticism that has taken over dance. A move away from two turntables and a Power Tools: the software is still there but it is an element in a larger sound.

Professor Green is like A.I. in Spielberg’s movie, so life like you could swear it was human and Rudimental are more than the sum of their Mac: they come across like a stark raving monster machine who break outside the multitracking and more more more sensibility so useful for dancers.

If you study the UK Singles charts, that is all you ever ever seen. Everything is some variant on DJ plus band. N evolution from beats and bass to beats bass and a melody line… or maybe I mean lime.

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