Donald Trump Defends Miley Cyrus' VMAs Performance on Vine… Why?

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are we shocked yet?
















Donald Trump, it’s not because you pretend to get interested by youthful preoccupation that you aren’t an old goat and a disgusting human being! In an unexpected move, the rich old prick released a video on Vine, the hottest social media right now, to defend Miley Cyrus’ racy and sexually-charged VMAs performance on Sunday.

In case you have missed her, like me, you can re-watched her tongue-pulling-clothes-ripping performance on about a million websites, and I can assure you that her giant fingered glove will be the shameful talk subject in many conservative homes, for another year! But to her credit, she triggered a new entry in the Oxford dictionary.

I watched it and found the music horrible, her dance moves quite stupid, whore-like and I couldn’t care less, until yellow-hair-red-face Donald Trump posted this video that shows him screaming (this guy never talks, he just shouts everything he says): ‘Miley, don’t let them get you down, they are all jealous’. If you watched his vine, be aware that it is quite horrific, but why is he doing this? I know trash will always rally with trash but what is he expecting? Getting some twerking from Miley? Miley Cyrus may be a crazy young girl desperately trying to prove she is a sex object as a way to grow up, but Trump is an old perverse, and watching him lurking at Cyrus’ ass, wants me to launch an amber alert.


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