Donald Glover Posts New Album Then Removes It A Few Hours Later

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Donald Glover Posts New Album

Donald Glover’s New Album Coverart


At everyone’s surprise, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, posts a new album on his website today, and before I was able to listen to it, the streaming disappeared as fast it had appeared. The songs were posted very early Sunday morning at, and were taken down a few hours later. Ditching his musical alter ego, the album was simply titled ‘Donald Glover Presents,’ and since there were no titles anywhere, there is no possible information for each track, but we know the album consists of 12 songs. According to Billboard, it includes several collaborations with Ariana Grande, SZA and 21 Savage, as well as previously released tracks, such as 2018’s ‘Feels Like Summer,’ 2019’s ‘Algorythm,’ and ‘Warlord’ that Glover performed at Coachella.

CaliforniaRocker, who had the chance to listen to the album, wrote that the album had ‘a very 1970s feel to it with a tip of the hat to Stevie Wonder,’ while the reactions on Twitter have been very positive from ‘So thank you @donaldglover for making something so beautiful,’ to ‘Donald Glover is a better singer than Beyonce in the Lion King,’ and ‘my baby fever was over and now @donaldglover brought it back.’

CaliforniaRocker also managed to get the artwork before it disappeared, a black and white cartoon showing people gathering in the street while buildings behind them are on fire,… a situation bringing a mix of panic and chaos — there are people jumping from buildings in the background — and apathetic reactions, as there’s also a couple taking a selfie. This could well be a good representation of the current situation.

Also, this is the only snippet of the album that I was able to find:

Donald Glover Posts New Album

Donald Glover posts new album: coverart


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